Are You Obsessed?

Do you stay awake at night wondering how Quinn could be considered so fashionable when she wears the same outfit every day? Do you secretly wish death upon Tom because you feel Trent and Daria are meant to be together? Do you have Glenn Eichler's home phone number on speed dial? Well, then slip off your combat boots, set down your paintbrush and turn off your 'Backyard Boys' CD, cause this is the place for you. Find out just how obsessed you really are.

Instructions: Read each of the following questions, and give yourself one point for each one that you answer 'yes' to. And no fibbing, people. We have no secrets here, so fess up!

Have you ever...
1) Had a dream about one or more Daria cast members?
2) which you were also a character in the dream?
3) which you were dating one of the other characters?
4) ...and slept with them?
5) ...and liked it better than having sex with real people?

Have you ever...
6) Asked the question 'Where is Lawndale?'
7) ...and actually looked on a map for it?
8) ...and, after not finding it, proceeded to write to Unsolved Mysterious about the "The Mysterious Disappearing City'?
9) ...and actually appeared on the show?

Have you ever...
10) Used Daria or one of its characters as an example or reference in a term paper?
11) Based an entire term paper on the comparisons between "Season One Daria" and "Season Four Daria"?
12) Based a college thesis on the conspiracy at MTV behind their refusal to give Tom a last name?
13) ...and actually got an 'A'?

Have you ever...
14) Wondered what Daria's religion is?
15) ...and come up with an answer?
16) ...and decided to convert to her religion to get the "full Daria experience"?

Has anyone ever...
17) Called you "Daria" (or Jane, or Trent, etc)?
18) your face?
19) public?
20) ...because you had your name legally changed to that name?
21) ...while not on any expermental medication?

Have you ever...
22) Quoted a line from a Daria episode in casual conversation?
23) ...or in a speech?
24) ...or in bed?

Have you ever...
25) Quoted a line from a Daria fanfic in casual conversation?
26) ...because you wrote it?
27) bed?

Have you ever...
28) Written Daria fan fiction?
29) ...and included yourself as a cameo?
30) ...and hooked yourself up with one of the characters?
31) ...for the soul purpose of bragging about your new girlfriend/boyfriend to all your buddies?

Have you ever...
32) Drawn a work of Daria fanart?
33) ...and drawn yourself into the scene?
34) ...then tried to pass it off as your family portrait?
35) ...and succeeded?

Finally, have you ever...
36) Taken a quiz to find out how obsessed you are with Daria?
37) ...and passed?
38) ...with a perfect score?
39) ...and took it personally?
40) ...but figured the test couldn't possibly be that accurate, since you were the one that wrote it in the first place?

Now, tally up your score. Add all your points together, then check the categories below to see how you did. If you find that you've scored HIGHER than 40, please get your head examined as soon as possible.

1-10 -- Fan: You like the show. You even LOVE the show. But you don't LIVE the show, and that's the difference between being a "fan" and being a "fanatic." Way to go for keeping your wits about you and realizing that it is, after all, just a cartoon. Congratulations! You're not clinically insane!

11-20 -- Fanatic: You've probably gotten some strange looks from people because you dress like the characters, but your behavior is held in check...barely. While you are a bit "over the edge" at times, your actions haven't hurt anyone (yet). Just watch yourself. You could go at any minute!

21-30 -- Freaky: You have now entered the "danger zone." Your obsession is out of control. An entire month away from anything Daria-related is probably the best medicine (maybe even a year for those at the high end of this category). If that doesn't work, hit yourself over the head with a baseball bat a few times. You'll feel much better.

31-40 -- Freaking crazy: Restraining orders mean nothing to you. You are camped out at MTV studios 24-7 on the off-chance you might catch a glimpse of one of the characters from the show. You sneak into the building and search relentlessly for Daria's dressing room, unaware that, being a 2-dimensional character, she doesn't have one. You are one scary person, my friend. Seek help...immediately!