Katie Cook


Daria in comic book style Daria as a fairy in flight Daria: Greek Goddess of Sarcasm

Quinn in a poodleskirt Quinn as a waitress on wheels Quinn as a silent film star Quinn modelling Carol Herra Quinn as Strawberry Shortcake Quinn the Mermaid Quinn

Brittany as Rainbow Bright Brittany modelling her swimwear Jane as a magician Anime Jane Sandi as a model Sandi Griffin Stacy as a model Jodie modelling Monique modelling Monique as Queen Beryl Monique the belly dancer


Bond. Trent Bond. Daphne & Velma from 'Scooby Doo' Trent & Daria in a different style Playboy Bunnies Voodoo Priestesses Graduation Chibi Fashion Club Fashion Club as the Dark Moon Circus The Blair Witch Project The Fashion Club Daria, Jane, and Trent as Merpeople

Fanfic Illustrations

"Back to the Future Again, Part II"
by Milo Minderbinder

"Back to the Future Again, Part III"
by Milo Minderbinder

"Bouquet for the Brain"
by Milo Minderbinder

by Kemical Reaxion
Jane doing her Emeril impression

"Little Green Riding Hood"
by Kemical Reaxion
Daria with Helen's bottomless briefcase Trent the wolf putting the moves on Daria

"Love at First Slight"
by John Takis
Daria poses in an Jane smiling wickedly, taking pics of a humiliated Daria And what's so alluring about me? Quinn is mortified by Trent not answering her In memory of Rusty Doxie

"The Next Step"
by Mike Yamiolkoski
Daria reads a note left by Tom

by Mike Yamiolkoski
Jane's depiction of Sandi Sandi with scarf and sunglasses

by Mike Yamiolkoski
The Evil Stepsisters Andrea conjuring demons to chase Kevin Daria & Jane after being pelted by formerly enchanted eggs

"Sarcasm Of Titanic Proportions"
by Matt

"A Stitch In Time"
by John Takis
Emma's a beautiful name

by Invisigoth Gypsy