Kemical Reaxion

Fanfic Illustrations

"Abruptly Amy"
by Kara Wild

"Brush Strokes"
by Erin Mills
Jane Lane Sasha MacTavish Cyril Ogilvie Jean-Pierre Duvall

"Cheese Is The Word"
by Kemical Reaxion

by Kemical Reaxion
Fairy Godmother Jane sipping tropical drinks on the beach

"Cyber Stacy"
by Kemical Reaxion
Justin meets Jane Photo of Daria and Tom

"The Daria Chronicles"
by Erin Mills
Chris Sanchez Daria Morgendorffer Jodie Landon Brittany Taylor Kevin Thompson Michael 'Mack' MacKenzie

"Ear's Looking At You, Kid"
by Brandon League
Makeover: Jane as Vampirella

"The Highland Invasion"
by D.T. Dey
Alter-ego of Jane as Lita Ford

"I'm Back In The Saddle Again!"
by Stefanie Acela

"Jane Unchained"
by The Angst Guy
Daria realizes this is not a dream

"Little Green Riding Hood"
by Kemical Reaxion
Jane has a word with Big Bad Trent

"Mystik Spiral's Lonely Lawndale Band"
by jak981125
Parody of the Beatles' Sgt Pepper album cover

"One Hundred Percent"
by Kemical Reaxion
Monique and Erica

by Diane Long

by Steven Galloway
Darren and Carla

"Top Ten (Eight) Scenes You'll Never See On Daria: Part 2"
by Dr Mike
The 'Cynix' trade show booth

by Steven Galloway
Jane all dolled up, from Chapter Eight.

"Woke Up This Morning"
by Stefanie Acela
Alexander Heather Raven Rebecca