Kemical Reaxion


Me Tarzan. You Jane. Elsie and Kay Sloane from 'Is It Fall Yet?' Alison and Jane from 'Is It Fall Yet?' Dee Dee and Dexter, from 'Dexter's Laboratory' Cover of a Savage Garden single...sort of A scene from 'Dye! Dye! My Darling!' A scene from 'Mart of Darkness' A little something for the 'shippers Daria and Jane in cool new outfits Sibling Rivalry Daria and Trent as Helga and Arnold from 'Hey Arnold!' The real reason Daria botched Jane's dye-job

Jane gets mischevious with Trent and Daria The Dukes of Hazard Beavis and Butthead return! Daria, Jane & Quinn as the Animaniacs Poor Tom! Josie and the Pussycats Tiny Toon Adventures Paybacks are Hell Three Ninjas Brittany lends her cheerleading talents to the DVDaria campaign

Larger Groups
The REAL Fashion Club Those meddling kids from 'Scooby Doo' A very interesting wedding Mystik Spiral, a la 'Abbey Road' The cast in PowerPuff Girls style Fashion Club Bratz Fashion Faux-Pas The Dolls of Lawndale High. Created using a doll maker website. The Fashion Club as the Fantanas, from those annoying Fanta beverage commercials.