Kemical Reaxion


Brittany as Mariah Carey Brittany modelling one of my own designs

Daria as Marvin the Martian Daria as a pixie Daria from 'Legends of the Mall' Daria as Jessica Rabbit from 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' Daria as annoying red-headed orphan, Annie Daria posing by the chalkboard My, what big eyes you have! Daria as an elf Daria as the long lost fourth chipmunk Daria's yearbook picture Daria as Bucky Katt, from the comic strip 'Get Fuzzy' Daria in pigtails, from the episode 'Pinch Sitter'

Sketch of Jane Jane as the girl from her Boss Hog poster Jane with a deadly weapon from 'Fire!' Snake charmer Jane Jane as a pixie Jane as a gymnist Jane all grown up Full-length sketch Happy Holidays Jane at her easel Queen Jane The Morton Salt girl Jane at the prom What big eyes you have! Jane's yearbook picture

Quinn the poseur Quinn in a scene from 'Groped by an Angel' Quinn goes punk Quinn as a pixie What big eyes you have Posing on the beach Quinn singing Christmas carols It's not easy being Queen Bathing beauty Quinn

Tiffany as the Cat in the Hat Tiffany, mod-style Tiffany in a school uniform

Sketch of Trent Trent as Genie from 'Alladin' Trent as the Pink Panther

Sketch of Andrea Li as Cruella Deville from '101 Dalmations' Jodie as Janet Jackson Sandi...with an I Paris, one of the art colony chicks from 'Is It Fall Yet?' as a pixie