Redleg Rick


Goth Quinn From Caneman's work in progress fic, 'Working Girl: South of the Border.'


Dressed to Ill: Pilot Strip Dressed to Ill: Page 2 Daria & Jane after they are released from the van of a kidnapper who has driven them to Texas from Lawndale. From the unfinished fic 'Redemption.' Daria & Jane flee through the desert heading toward Highland. From the unfinished fic 'Redemption.' Sketch for someone's fanfic about a younger Daria. From the unfinished fic 'Mr. Morgendorffer Goes To Washington' where Daria is one of his campaign workers. Daria, Jane, and Quinn in their younger days.

Fanfic Illustrations

"Shaken, Not Stirred"
by Rick Hennigan
Daria at Carusos Daria 'dolls' herself up for her 
shift behind the bar.

"Where No Light Breaks, Where No Sea Runs"
by The Angst Guy
Daria In Chains: Daria Morgendorffer at
the Kinsington Women's Correctional Facility