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'Burnout Girl' on a throne On the set of 'Good Mornings' Daria and Jane shock the FC The French Toast Club Three goth chicks The Fashion Club at Burger World Strange bedfellows Fight club A Fashion Club picnic Daria 'N' Da Hood Stuck in the middle Valentine's Day Trent and Daria A gathering of old friends Daria vs Melody Powers Daria Darko Quinn and Sandi in 'Seventeen' Knights of Lawndale


Brittany in 3D #1 Brittany in 3D #2 Brittany in 3D #3 Daria's dungeon (full view) Daria's dungeon (side view #1) Daria's dungeon (side view #2) Daria in 3D #1 Daria in 3D #2

Ideal Dariacon and Box Set

Artist's dream DariaCon DariaCon in blacklight The Definitive Fandom Collection

Lawndale Fighters

Lawndale Fighters selection screen Lawndale Fighters: Daria vs Jane Lawndale Fighters: Quinn vs Sandi Lawndale Fighters: Kevin vs Mr. DeMartino

Special Collections

"The dPod Generation"
How would a series of print advertisements for Apple's iPod look if they were being promoted by the Daria cast? Perhaps something like this...

"Daria Sin City: The Donneria Party"
Frank Miller's Sin City comic book inspired this tale, done in a similar style. The premise is quite simple: everyone has a dark side...