Daria and Jane on the streets Daria and Jane get drunk Daria design from Lew Richardson's 'Heroes...' Lynn design from Canadibrit's 'TLAS: And the B.A.N.D. Played On' Daria and Lynn (from TLAS) as models Daria gets a tattoo Caffeine Bomb Stephen King's 'The Dark Tower' starring TLAS Daria/X-Men: Dominion

Fanfic Illustrations

"April Is The Cruelest Month"
by Roger E. Moore
Portrait of Daria Morgendorffer, junior at Raft College Portrait of Jane Lane, junior at Boston Fine Arts College and recovering accident victim

"The Blues Others"
by Mike Yamiolkoski
It's 106 miles to Lawndale.  We got a full tank of gas; half a pepperoni pizza; it's dark; and I'm wearing thick, round glasses. With a little help from Daria and Jane Blues, Mystik Spiral plays to a sellout crowd. Cover art Daria 'Darlene' Blues Jane 'Tiffany' Blues

"Community Disservice"
by Mike Yamiolkoski
Trent and Link rock to the sounds of the Baha Men, much to the dismay of a concerned chinchilla.

"Is Summer Over Already?"
by Mike Yamiolkoski
'Jane's obviously having a lousy time.' 'I don't know about that.  She just stuck her tongue down his throat.'

"The Next Step"
by Mike Yamiolkoski
What the holy living CRAP are you doing in my BED??

by Steven Galloway
Chapter 10: Jane gives Darren a rather interesting surprise in the Zen by her attempt to 'protect' him from Rocco. Chapter 15: Darren's been shot

"Tomorrow Never Knows"
by Kara Wild
Daria and Quinn fighting