Aaron Solomon (ben Saul Joseph) Adelman

Mission: Irrational In the future, Daria, Jane, Trent, and Jesse are sent to capture Upchuck, a notorious double-agent.
When Hell Froze Over When Quinn steals Trent away from Daria, Daria strikes back where it hurts Quinn the hardest.
Loose Lips Quinn blabs a secret about Daria that should never have been revealed, with disasterous results.
_Daria_ (the movie)
A collaboration with Barry Eshkol Adelman
In the summer of 1999, two people asked the question: What would happen if Hollywood's most hated director met MTV's best cartoon? This is the answer.
Daria In Oz After ten years of exile in Oz, Daria and Quinn find themselves in a suspicious recreation of the MGM musical.
Blackout Daria wakes up naked in bed with Trent -- and she has no idea how she got there. Done in the least cliched manner possible.
Behind The Looking Glasses
A collaboration with Barry Eshkol Adelman
Transcript of an MTV bloopers/behind-the-scenes special for _Daria_ (the movie)
The _Daria_ Fanfic Cliche Drinking Game The name is pretty self-explanitory. Highly recommended for anyone who reads alot of Daria fan fiction.
New Nightmare
(or "Hitman, Baby, One More Time")
Hes a nearly broke rock musician. Shes a high-school brain who had a crush on him but could never tell him she loved him. What drove them to run off to Las Vegas together to get married? On the next Sick, Sad World.