Antipodean Daria Daria in Australia.
A Romantic Conversation A Roger E. Moore "Iron Chef" ficlet involving a romantic conversation.
Valentine's Day A Roger E. Moore "Iron Chef" Valentine's Day ficlet.
Farmyard Funnies A Roger E. Moore "Iron Chef" ficlet series, based on the challenge "Write a story featuring Daria fanfic authors."
All My Children
A collaboration with Thea Zara
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Set amongst the splendour of Buxton Ridge Military Academy and the visual magnificence of St Agnes's School for Young Ladies, this five part series explores the events that shaped the lives and the loves a young man and a young woman starting out on life's great adventure. You know how it ends - this is how it began.
The Many Loves of Thalia Gillis
A collaboration with Milderbeast
A Daria/Dobie Gillis crossover. Someone thinks Jane is attractive...

Writes of Passage
My Afternoon at Tom's Set a few weeks after #512 - My Night at Daria's, Daria and Tom finally get it on. This fanfic explores the experience from Tom's, Daria's and Amy's point of view.
Lovers in a Dangerous Time Set immediately after "My Afternoon at Tom's", it explores the three weeks leading up to that afternoon, deals with some of that afternoon in more detail, and touches on some events a couple of days afterward. It'll probably only make sense if you've read "My Afternoon at Tom's" first.
Down and Out on Dega Street Set immediately following "Lovers in a Dangerous Time" this story tells of Jane's adventures one night at the Zon and of the surprising capabilities of Nicholas Campbell. It will make more sense if you read "My Afternoon at Tom's" and "Lovers in a Dangerous Time" first.
Bird on the Wire After Jane's adventures on Dega Street (see Down and Out on Dega Street) Daria makes a hard decision about her friendship with Jane. It will make more sense if you read My Afternoon at Tom's, Lovers in a Dangerous Time and Down and Out on Dega Street first.
Part 1
Sequel to Bird on The Wire and and introduction to Part 2. It won't make much sense unless you've read what's gone.
Part 2
Quinn makes an admission, Jane scores well in a test, Daria gets aggressive, and Jane also makes an admission.
Tie Died, My Darling Sequel to Quinntessence Part 2. Helen finally tells Daria about how she and Jake came to meet, and some interesting facts about Helen's hippie days.
Forest Primeval
Part 1 | Part 2
On a rainy night in Lawndale, two people connect. Old scores are settled, worries discussed and resolved, and an announcement made.