Diane Long

The Last Stupor
A collaboration with Jon Kilner
A dark comedy based loosely on the film "The Last Supper."
Sea's Sorrow Daria, Jane, Tom and Mystik Spiral are staying in an oceanside bed and breakfast that is supposedly haunted.
The Trick's The Treat A short Halloween fic for the Daria/T(h)om 'shipper in all of us.

The Daria/Trent Continuum
It's My Party And I'll Cry, But Not In Front Of You Daria shares with Jane the pain of her past, revealing why she hides her emotions and hates celebrating her birthday.
I Saw You Standing There Trent notices Daria -- really notices Daria -- for the first time. Told from Trent's perspective.
Too Much Ado About Everything Jane decides to play Yenta in a way that would make Shakespeare proud...or roll over in his grave!
Hazy Shade Of Winter Daria gets pneumonia but is too busy with finals to take it easy. That is, until Trent intervenes.
Connect Four Daria and Trent have been dating for a year. Daria, stumped on what to get Trent, seeks Anniversary advice from her father.
A House Of Cards Daria and Trent decide to take a big step and move in together. Sounds perfect, but there's trouble in paradise.
Undone Daria and Trent have been together for six years when Trent does something that threatens to tear them apart forever.
Restoration It's been a year since the break up. Can Trent and Daria put things back together? Do they even want to?
Retribution The wounds are starting to heal between Trent and Daria, but there's still some unfinished business to take care of before they can finally move on.