Jon Kilner

The Last Days Of Solitude Esteemsters from Jane's point of view.
Jane Daria experiences a deep loss and faces it in the only way she knows how: Through her writing.
The More Things Change After a major achievement goes unnoticed, Daria finds support in the most unlikely of places.
On The Outside Jane and Trent leave town for their Great-Uncle Randolph's funeral and Daria finds herself attending a high school dance.
That Stranger I Know So Well Daria discovers something hidden in Jane's past and it tests the true strength of their friendship.
The Last Stupor
A collaboration with Diane Long
A dark comedy based loosely on the film "The Last Supper."
A Lane In Red Jane faces unimaginable grief when she loses the love of her life.
A Lane In Black When a grief-stricken Jane disappears, Trent and Daria must work together to find her and bring her home where she belongs.