Inconvenienced Part of the Trent's perspective series. Trent's life circa "The Invitation."
Sew What Daria uncovers the Fashion Club's dirty secret.
In a Nutshell What was really going on with Trent in "It Happened One Nut"?
The Slacker Within An obsessed and lonely fan one day finds the object of her desire in her apartment.
From the Trenches Trent's first meeting with Daria.
Trent Miserables Trent's motivations in "Lane Miserables."
Trent's Equation Trent's perspective in "Jane's Addition."
Underrated When Jake and Trent both lose important gigs, they find solace in each other.
Giving a Damn Daria is persuaded to spend free time with Quinn.
The L Word Daria hears three little words, and freaks.
Girl Uninterrupted
A collaboration with Thomas
After learning of her parent's past plans to have her committed, Daria moves in with Jane.
Bait and Switch Daria and Brittany swap boyfriends for one evening. Let the suffering begin!