Milo Minderbinder

Back To The Future, Again!
Part I
Daria travels back to 1978 in Amy's time machine. She seeks help from a much younger Aunt Amy to help return her to 1999.
Back To The Future, Again!
Part II
Picking up where Part I left off, after a brief trip to the future, Amy and Daria return to 1999, only to find that everything has changed...for the worse.
Back To The Future, Again!
Part III
When Amy gets stuck back in the 1800s, it is up to Daria and "Lehrman" to return her to the present. But what if she doesn't want to come back?
Bouquet For The Brain What happens to Lawndale High when its star quarterback finally gets a brain? Find out in this outstanding "Flowers For Algernon" crossover.
Lawntropolis In 2026 Lawntropolis, the haves will have the best private school education money can buy. And the public school have-nots will get what is left. A crossover with the classic silent era movie, Metropolis.
Apocalypse Then Follow Anthony DeMartino to the "OKAY to Cry Corral" and to Vietnam in this Apocalypse Now crossover.
Hearts of Lawndale "Tales from the Crypt" send-up. A tale of a Lawndale High student, to whom romance has always been a story of someone who has loved and lost. What happens when she finds that special someone she wants to spend eternity with? What will she be willing to do?