Mystik Slacker

Temple of Gloom Ms Li has a secret. A student goes missing. Human sacrifice in Lawndale? Daria and Jane explore a tomb. What does this have to do with high school? More than you'd think.
Melody Powers in 'Butcher, Baker, Cancer-stick Maker' Daria's fictional secret agent, Melody Powers, goes to Russia, to do what she does best. She also saves the world from Communism.
Breaking Strain Daria has too many extracurricular activities. Stacy has too much homework. Sandi has too much competition. Someone's going to break under the strain.
Strange Bedfellows Sandi tries to put her life back together after the dissolution of the Fashion Club. Daria and Upchuck set up the schools new computer lab. Tom joins Daria and Jane on a school trip. A romance is kindled, but can it survive? Should it? A sequel to "Breaking Strain".
A Warrior Maid of Lawndale Beneath the hurtling moons of Barsoom, the angry squeal of a wild thoat echoes, as a lone hero rides out on a mission of honor, to reclaim her lost love, or maybe she's just looking for a good Chinese restaurant.
Love's Labours Undone The school puts on a Shakespeare play, and Quinn and Sandi vie for the lead role. Jane paints scenery, and Daria gets involved despite her better judgment. Sequel to "Strange Bedfellows."
The Butterfly Storm What if Daria and Jane had met fifteen years earlier? What if Jane had been adopted? What if Quinn wasn't embarrassed by her own intelligence? What if Daria was more outgoing? What would Lawndale High be like?
Welcome to the Rat Race Daria and Tiffany separately cope with jobs and parental expectations. Meanwhile the expanded Fashion Club holds elections and Quinn and Sandi have to adapt to the new members or lose their offices.
The Omega Cynic Daria finds the apocalypse less satisfying than she expected.
My Favorite Enemy Three years after the events in True Cynicism, Daria has to save the world from nuclear war again, and encounters some old friends along the way.
The Journal of Daria Morgendorffer It's Halloween, and someone at Lawndale High is taking the holiday far too seriously. A Lovecraftian tale of madness, magic and social events.