Psycho Tol

Living Dead Girls Two characters die, but not in a way that percludes them walking around like everything's normal, first in a series of Daria/Angel crossovers starting in season 5 of Daria and between 'Smile Time' and 'Origin' in Angel.
Living Dead Girls 2:
Corporate Seizure
Daria and Jane deal with the changes that have occurred in "Living Dead Girls." This story has violence and some nudity that some readers may find distressing.
Living Dead Girls 3:
Baptism Of Fire
Daria returns to Lawndale to watch Tiffany, and an old former friend of Willows also shows her face.
Living Dead Girls 4:
Fighting Machine
Tiffany comes back wrong from her holiday.
Living Dead Girls 5:
Twister Harvest
Daria and friends settle into their jobs at the No Such Agency.