Diary Dearest Daria is committed to a mental hospital. But why?
Kiss Until Daria is shocked when she discovers who Jane is seeing now.
Seeing Things Through Set towards the end of "Is It Fall Yet?", Jane has another encounter with Allison.
Malice of Absence A day in the life of the Morgendorffers' daughter.
Fanning the Flames A boy meets Daria during "summer vacation."
Holding On The Morgendorffers have to cope with a recent tragedy in their lives. How is Daria handling it?
Psycho Sis Helen visits the hospital... again.
The Fear of Living Dangerously Daria has to put up with the attentions of a new boy at Lawndale High.
Twilight's Own Daria wakes up to discover that she has another little sister, and she's the only one who finds that strange.
Last Stage Out Daria seeks help in coping with a recent tragedy.