Rey Fox

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Trent falls for Rachel, a beautiful, beguiling red-head, but Daria suspects she's not the sweet, innocent woman she appears to be.
My Dinner With Upchuck Daria, finding herself indebted to Upchuck, goes on a date with him to the romantic Chez Pierre.
Curse Of The Misery Chick When Daria gets on the wrong bus, she ends up at the LHS football playoff game instead and must share a hotel room with Brittany.
#10 Dream Inspired by the movie "Head," this fic is a series of surreal vignettes staring the show regulars and guests.
Last Dance With Mary Jane Daria is visited by an old acquantance and is given a choice that could change her life forever. But will she take it?
Choice Of A Skewed Generation Ms. Li strikes an advertising deal with Jooky cola and turns the entire Lawndale campus into one big cola commercial.
Keeping Up With The Benjamins A hilarious Space Ghost: Coast To Coast crossover in which Jane and Daria pay Space Ghost and his crew a little visit.
Drive Follow Daria and the rest of the Morgendorffer clan on their move from Highland to Lawndale.