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Dark of Hearts How would the third-season episode "Jake of Hearts" have gone if Jake's father, Mad Dog Morgendorffer, were still alive? A twisted Daria/Tom shipper-fic from an alternate universe answers the question.
Howard Daria Morgendorffer hears the story about Howard the duck (but not the one you are thinking of) in this third-season tale that explains why Trent Lane will not go into a bookstore. A little shipperiness and angst come with the humor.
More Than Just Lost Jane Lane and Alison meet again, a few years after the events of the movie, "Is It Fall Yet?" in this play for three voices. The meeting, however, does not go as expected.
One More River to Cross In helping Sandi Griffin through a difficult situation, Quinn Morgendorffer must make a decision that could determine her own nature, for good or for evil-but which choice is the right one? Story rated R for language and controversial content.
Potential Quinn Morgendorffer meets the man of her dreams, but the potential for nightmares is there, too, in this post-"Is It College Yet?" continuation of the second-season "Daria" episode, "That Was Then, This Is Dumb."
Prisoner of Hope Daria's sole fan from childhood is reunited with her heroine, only to learn a bitter lesson in this continuation of the fifth-season episode, "Camp Fear."
Where No Light Breaks, Where No Sea Runs Sunday afternoons at the Kinsington Women's Correctional Facility are very slow, and one lone inmate has nothing to look forward to-until her only friend appears, and everything changes. Story rated R for language, violence, and sexual content.
Almost Strangers in the Night A short Quinn/Upchuck shipper-fic. No, seriously. Look, it was Brother Grimace's idea, so go blame him.
Driving Miss Daria A shipper-fic with a surprise. With two failed relationships and three miserable years of college behind her, Daria sits down to write a difficult term paper. Then comes a knock at her apartment door...
The Morgendorffer Code Imagine a "Daria" crossover involving Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code." Now imagine you're about to read it.
Daria Dance Party Song lyrics about an alternate-universe Daria that you aren't likely to recognize-once the sun goes down.
Home on Deranged The annual faculty-vs.-DJ competition at Lawndale High School gains a Wild West flavor when mechanical bull riding becomes the death-sport of choice. A third-season "Daria" comedy script (before Tom), set during Daria's junior high-school year.
Like Father, Like- What personality quirks did Daria inherit from her father, Jake? One possibility is explored in this ficlet.
Special Delivery Why was Daria out after curfew in "The Big House"? One possible (if far-fetched) explanation is given here, in this prequel to that episode.
Tiffany in Futureland A sad ficlet with a happy ending. Tiffany Blum-Deckler stars in this topical political/sci-fi tidbit written in early November 2004, before the elections.
True Lies What were Daria and Quinn really doing out late on a school night just before they were caught by their parents in the opening scene of "The Big House"? And who would dare to believe their answers?
Kill Tom (Volumes 1 and 2) The Deadly Fashion Viper Squadron meets its match in this Daria/"Kill Bill" crossover.
See Jane Spike Daria, Jane, and the Fashion Club find themselves on opposing teams in a nasty session of volleyball-a first-season sequel, of sorts, to the opening scenes from every "Daria" show in which Daria screws up the game for Stacy and Tiffany.
Gone The Cuban Missile Crisis boils over in October 1962, and the lives of three young sisters change forever. Helen, Rita, and Amy Barksdale star in this tale of sibling bonds tested under the worst of worst-case scenarios.
Fortunate One When Quinn Morgendorffer moves with her family to Lawndale, she tells her new friends that she is an only child-but she secretly suspects this was not always so. Did she once have a big sister? What happened to her? Where did she go? And was her sister named...Daria?
Dear Whoever Daria minutia: a sad plea from a "Daria" character, from the unpublished musical version of, "And When Your Heart Begins to Bleed" (not really, but if there was one, this song would be in it).
Like Angels' Visits, Short and Bright Amy Barksdale and two girlfriends are in a spot of trouble, with the fate of Earth at stake, in this way-over-the-top crossover of "Daria," "Charlie's Angels," Robert Heinlein's "Starship Troopers," the USAF Space Command, and H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu stories, if you will.
The IUF Tale, or, Total Disaster in a Nutshell The author inserts himself and numerous other Daria fans, particularly members of the notorious IUF, into a lurid Daria fanfic, a nightmarish tale of cartoon lust and horror. You won't understand this unless you've read the IUF spam threads on PPMB. No penguins were harmed in the writing of this script. I swear.
Smoking Mirror After a disastrous experience in Central America, Penny Lane returns to Lawndale, her life in shambles-but with her is a dark souvenir that unravels the lives of everyone around her in terrifying ways.
Nine Point Oh Just before noon, January 1, 2005, west of Petchkasem Road down to Bang Niang Beach, resort city of Khao Lak, Phang-Nga province, Kingdom of Thailand: The Griffin family's New Year.
Darialance A Daria/Dragonlance crossover was suggested, and a ficlet was born.
Nothing Happens for a Reason College freshmen Daria Morgendorffer and Tom Sloane are together again, joyously happy and blissfully in love-until the day she finds him in bed with a small zoo and Tiffany Blum-Deckler. You'll weep, you'll cry, you'll kiss ten minutes of your life goodbye when you read this unofficial sequel to Mahna Mahna's Daria/Tom shipper, "Everything Happens for a Reason."
The Thirteenth Man Compared to his intellectually and morally challenged classmates at Lawndale High, Daria's classmate "Mack" Mackenzie is almost superhuman. What if he really was superhuman? Enter an alternate universe in which Mack is not only too good to be true, he's even better than that. What could possibly go wrong for a straight-arrow guy who can do anything and everything? Let us see.
Darius Imagine "Daria" with a Y chromosome. What might have happened if the eldest child of Jake and Helen Morgendorffer had been born a boy? Here is an alternate-history might-have-been, or a parallel-universe might-yet-be, with all the fallout.
When the Torrent of That Time Comes Pouring Back The lone survivor of a disastrous family vacation returns to Lawndale in January 2005, in this sequel to the Daria fanfic, "Nine Point Oh."
The Amazing Adventures of D-Day and the Mighty Jane! The unstoppable D-Day Morgendorffer and The Mighty Jane Lane face their greatest challenge yet in this alternate-universe tale of superheroes, supervillains, cliffhangers, and sudden death!
But Now Is Found In this sequel to "Who Once Was Lost," twelve-year-old Daria Morgendorffer, the only human known to have been kidnapped by aliens, tries to return to a normal life in her new home in Lawndale. Now younger than her sister Quinn, Daria finds fitting into school again is tough-but the trouble has only started. Someone is looking for her and will stop at nothing to find her, and what will happen if she's found, no one can say.
Easy A A ficlet that proves that a good grade in school doesn't always mean that getting it was a good thing, too.
A collaboration with CharlieGirl & Angelinhel
What did Daria see behind the attic door that made her faint? Would you believe . . . another Daria? Prepare for a long crossover journey into strange but familiar Lawndales, drawn from alternate-universe Daria fanfics by almost a dozen authors!
Who Once Was Lost Two little girls from Highland, Texas, go to Camp Grizzly for several weeks of annoying summer fun. Only one little girl comes home. Three years later, the other little girl begins her long journey back-but she discovers that the world has moved on without her. Inspired by the fifth-season Daria episode, "Camp Fear," "Who Once Was Lost" is the first tale in a science-fiction series about a Daria displaced in time.
And When Your Heart Begins to Bleed Daria, Jane, Quinn, Stacy, Sandi, and other students at Lawndale High struggle through a brutal twenty-four-hour period of unforeseen challenges, in this alternate-universe tale created from a list of the "Top Ten Things That Never Happen in Daria Fanfics" (with a few extra ideas thrown in).
Aunt Kara When Helen Morgendorffer's youngest sister (the "wild one" from Hollywood) comes to visit, guess which member of the family gets the biggest surprise!
Jane Unchained During a sensory deprivation experiment, Jane Lane reveals a talent for getting her freedom-in a very unexpected way.
Nine-Eleven and Counting The lives of Daria and Quinn Morgendorffer and Jane Lane are caught up in the events of September 11, 2001, when Quinn flies to Boston to visit Daria one weekend-then tries to fly home on that terrible Tuesday morning.
Forgotten But Not Gone The statue of a bearded man stands in Lawndale's Village Green, but no one in town knows who he is. When Daria is reluctantly goaded into discovering the bearded man's his identity, she and Jane uncover a bizarre ninety-year-old mystery that leads them into extraordinary danger. This (slightly AU) Daria fanfic is set in the "lost summer" between Daria's sophomore and junior year at Lawndale High School.
Drive Investigative show hosts Daria Morgendorffer and Jane Lane take their "Good Mornings with Daria and Jane Show" to a Pacific island that houses a secret government research base-and are caught up in a nightmare that leads them farther from home than they can imagine in this near-future science-fiction adventure based on MTV's "Daria."
Brave New World The only thing worse than waking up without remembering where you are, who you are with, or how you got remembering.
Mad Dog A Halloween tale from an alternate Daria universe: "There shall be done a deed of dreadful note" (William Shakespeare, "Macbeth").
Polly Andry Rides Again Jeffy, Joey, or Jamie? Quinn can't make up her mind which boy she wants to be with, so she picks...all of them.
Unto the End A church-based debate on the War in Iraq gets out of control-thanks to the one person least likely to cause such a problem.
Snow Ball in Hell Mrs. Johanssen collects souvenir snow domes--but only a certain kind, as Tricia Gupty discovers (rock video script developed for an Iron Chef contest).
Feeding Frenzy Upchuck's ultimate fantasy becomes reality. Sort of.
The Other Story of D Jane discovers a short story that Daria wrote during a low period in her life, and she gains a view into Daria that she never imagined existed.
Another Damn Mary Sue Story The author writes a Mary Sue story for "Daria." The cause of literature is hurled back into the Dark Ages.
A Certain Amount Of Depth David Sorenson discovers that Quinn Morgendorffer has changed since he saw her last--but is he ready for the new Quinn?
If You Only Walk Long Enough A ten-year-old girl, in abject misery at summer camp, has an unexpected conversation with a talking cat.
April Is the Cruelest Month Two junior undergraduates from Boston take their medical and emotional problems with them during spring break in the Rockies.
Winter in Hell Two cynical outcasts, seniors at Lawndale High School and the best of friends, struggle through another difficult day.
Wish Upon a Fallen Star Stacy Rowe goes out on a weird date with Ted DeWitt-Clinton--and they discover the future.
The African Queen Fourteen heavily armed men went hunting for her in the jungle. It was not a fair fight.
Bus Stop A crossover ficlet with an ironic "uh-oh."
Crossing Over A dystopian Mary Sue crossover Daria metafic ficlet that should not have been written.
History Lesson The Morgendorffers discover a new branch on their family tree.
The Impossible A little girl realizes her goal in life, with the help of an even smaller girl--a bright blue one.
Die! Die! You Bastard! After ruining Jane's hair-dye job, Daria fears she has lost her best friend. Jane, for her part, fears Daria is trying to steal her boyfriend, Tom. Will everything work out for the best? And what does T. S. Eliot have to do with any of this? An alternate-history version of "Daria" episode #413, the way it should have been.
Hal Point Nine A story about a college girl and her robot.
Highland Fling The best night that young Daria ever had in Highland did not start out that way.
(Go Ahead and) Dance These are the lyrics to one of Trent Lane's better-known songs, written after Mystik Spiral's move to Boston.
Click, Click, Boom Somewhere in an alternate universe, Daria Morgendorffer meets Jane Lane, things click, and they're all over Lawndale, shooting people...sort of.
Wonderlane It was hot, and little Jane was tired and bored and had nothing to do, when a rabbit ran past her, and--
The Art of Seeing When Daria Morgendorffer meets Jane Lane in an alternate universe, they discover things that the eye will never find.
darea Unrequited love is not always properly spelled.
In the Beginning Brittany Taylor has a guilty little secret. How will people react when they discover what she's been doing, and how long can she keep lying about it?
Luuuv Story A decade after leaving high school, Daria and Quinn learn that their widowed mother, Helen Morgendorffer, has found someone special in her life...and it's Kevin Thompson. A sensitive and touching portrayal of mindless sex gone wrong.
As Many Worlds as There Are Artists Daria and Jane contemplate their future after high school, while Trent and Mystik Spiral hang out in the basement--but an artistic element has changed in the Lane household, in this alternate-world tale.
The First Time Daria and Tom do it for the first time--and it's rated G!
Just Desserts Timothy O'Neill cooks a marvelous dinner for Janet Barch, right after she made him quit taking that silly psychiatric medication.
But in Her Heart a Cold December "Might be CIA," wrote Daria of her security-obsessed high-school principal, Angela Li. She was closer to the truth than she knew. Ms. Li reviews her turbulent life through the Cold War, to the time she took over "Laaawndale High," as she recovers from her breakdown in the fifth-season episode, "Fizz Ed."
Life Is Good Evil Daria, sympathetic Tom, nice and short but not too sweet.
The Omega Jane After a lethal pandemic kills almost everyone alive, Jane Lane inherits the earth, but only from dawn to dusk. Cannibalistic ghouls in the billions arise after sunset, and Daria Morgendorffer is one of them. A horror tale inspired by Richard Matheson's classic novel of paranoia and vampirism, "I Am Legend" (later filmed as "The Omega Man").
As She Remembered It in the Long Years After An alternate-universe love that never spoke its name finally does . . . too late.
Deus Jane What was happening behind the scenes of the Daria show? Were the show’s artistic and script-related mistakes truly “accidental”? Who was the show really about? Discover the shocking answers in this fantasy crossover tale about a teenage girl whose Neverland was her own home town: Lawndale.
Like a Circle in a Spiral Mystik Spiral hits it big—but not in the way they had always expected. This post-IICY tale spins off from the Daria episode, “Speedtrapped.”
Making the Breast of It A ficlet about an alternate-universe superheroine with two big problems.
Sudden Death Overtime A pink blossom grows from Kevin Thompson’s crutch at the end of the fourth-season episode, “A Tree Grows in Lawndale.” What happened after that? This horror-story sequel starts immediately following the blossom’s appearance, so its beginning is entirely in canon!
Backhanded Remarks Sandi Griffin courts disaster at the French Open tennis tournament, and nets a ton of trouble.
It Slipped Through My Hands, Like a Shadow, Like a Dream In an alternate universe, a lonely outcast named Daria moves from Highland to Lawndale . . . yet in the wake of a single change to the Dariaverse we know, disaster spreads. The one who could have prevented the horrors now cannot, and the avalanche of chaos widens to engulf everyone the outcast has known—unless someone takes a stand to stop it.
A Knight to Remember An offbeat “Daria” shipper about a girl, a guy, and a Batmobile. The tale continues from where the fifth-season episode “Sappy Anniversary” leaves off.
Pristine Tom discovers that his ex-girlfriend Daria has gotten a new car—but he has forgotten that old saying about curiosity and cats.
Self-Insertion A semi-erotic furry Mary-Sue fanfic for the “Daria” show. One day I will regret ever writing this, I am sure.
Darkness In the not-too-distant future, a funeral-home director in Montana struggles to defend her family and home from the End Times foretold in the Book of Revelation. The protagonist? A tormented, world-weary, thirty-something cynic named Daria.
Mack Daddy Andrew Landon and Michael Mackenzie meet again, years after Mack and Jodie graduate high school, and Mr. Landon says something that Mack never expects.
Change the World Mr. O’Neill asks his class to write inspirational essays—and comes to regret it when Daria Morgendorffer reads one entitled, “You, Too, Can Change the World.”
Uranium in the Drinking Water There really was uranium in Highland’s water supply—and a new kind of Daria Morgendorffer is the result! Meet Daria the Faerie, the counterpart to Tinker-Jane of “Jane Unchained,” in this response to an Iron Chef fantasy challenge.
Anything for Jane A Mother’s Day fanfic about a girl who discovers her favorite aunt was more important in her life than she had imagined.
No One Lives Forever It’s a typical day in Los Angeles for Brittany Taylor: warm sun, busy streets, job hunting, and sudden death.
The Original Underground Government-Suppressed Version of Brother Grimace’s Classic ‘Daria’ Fanfic, ‘The Sun Will Come Out, Tomorrow’ A sad example of what happens when a fanfic writer takes a well-known opening scene from another fanfic writer’s story and mucks it up, abusing other fanfic writers in the process. There ought to be a law. However, since there isn’t, you may as well read this.
Stacy and the Lamp Stacy Rowe rubs an ancient brass lamp, gets three wishes—and it’s the end of the world as Lawndale knows it.
The Two of Them A blind date goes horribly awry—or does it? A Daria/Stacy shipper from an Iron Chef challenge, just because.
Outcasts from Beyond On her way to see Tom Sloane, Daria Morgendorffer has a car wreck—but that’s only the start of her problems in this long, weird alternate-universe/crossover "Daria" tale of secret identities and super-powers that begins about halfway through “Boxing Daria” and heads into the wild blue.
Daria 2007: The Girl from Hope What might "Daria" have been like if the show had taken place in 2007, ten years later than it did? And what if Daria had gone to an alternate high school back in Highland? One answer to those questions lies in this response to two fanfic challenges.
Can’t Touch That! Kevin “QB Hammer” Thompson gets his fifteen seconds of fame on “Lawndale Idol,” with predictable results.
Terrible Tales of Tiffany A series of unfortunate dates with Tiffany Blum-Deckler, guaranteed to bring new meaning to the term “dismemberment.”
Next in Line Thirty years from now, three old friends reunite to remember the past, just moments before the future arrives to overtake them.
Three Ways of Looking at a Tiffany Blum-Deckler Just what is the deal with Tiffany Blum-Deckler, anyway? Three suggestions from science-fiction movies follow.
Through a Scooby Darkly Daria and Scooby meet under unusual circumstances.
The Nothingness of Being Joey arrives at the Morgendorffers to take Quinn on a date--but she slams the door in his face. What happened after that moment in the episode, "One J at a Time"?
A Midsummer Nightmare's Daria Quinn pulls a prank that causes Jake to think that Daria has taken up demon worship, and he takes Daria to a father-daughter seminar to bring her "back to the light." Add in a few former classmates, romance, and an unexpected twist--courtesy of Stephen King--and a very strange summer weekend gets underway in Lawndale.
I Never Metamorphosis I Didn’t Like Daria Morgendorffer awakens one morning from uneasy dreams to find herself transformed in her bed into a giant cockroach. Seriously. Well, not seriously, but a giant cockroach. We’re talking great literature. Based on it, I mean.
Nuthouse Dinnertime visitors at the Morgendorffers' home prove that Jake was right about one thing after all.
Prayers for a SAINT Amy Barksdale takes her favorite niece out to celebrate the publication of a Melody Powers story. Another story follows.
The Secret Life Two college students from Lawndale finally realize they were made for each other--but will anyone else realize this, too?
Pander Bare Daria mulls a possible career path as a nude exotic dancer. Seriously.
There Beneath the Blue Suburban Skies Ninth-grader Daria Morgendorffer learns from her new phys-ed teacher at Highland High that the future can ride on the flip of a coin.
Memory Lame Amy Barksdale tells a little story, and Daria and Quinn almost die.
Natural Charms When Upchuck takes up modeling photography, things unexpectedly develop in a negative way.
Quinnisqatsi A Daria/Koyaanisqatsi crossover. It is impossible to describe this better than that.
Episode #101: Extremesters
Thanks to shoddy fertility drugs, Quinn in this alternate-history tale becomes the oldest of a group of quintuplets--five same-age, genetically identical sisters, each with her own interests. The dramatic effects that this has on the Morgendorffers' life are revealed, with the equally dramatic effects this new family arrangement has on Our Heroine, Daria. Based on an idea by Mike Yamiolkoski.
Meet the Fashion Club There was one career path that the Fashionable Foursome could have taken, if they had wanted popularity, money, fame, and dates--and had talent.
The Girl Who Walked Home All Alone in the Dark Jane Lane tells a slightly twisted bedtime story to the Gupty kids (a "Legends of the Mall" tale).
Small Worlds Daria and Jane meet a new Tom in this shameless Mary Sue set after "Is It College Yet?"
The Thong Remains the Same In this sensitive and insightful, though unofficial, continuation of Kara Wild's Driven Wild Universe, Amy and Joel separate after fighting over a trivial issue, as married couples usually do, and they and Daria, Jane, Quinn, Helen, Jake, Tom, and Brittany wander Lawndale in search of a plot involving thongs. BONUS! Features a new dramatic scene not seen before online!
The Summer of the Hot Lake The younger siblings and relatives of major "Daria" characters find themselves spending the summer at "Uncle" Timothy O'Neill's all-new Okay-to-Cry Corral, with none other than Wind Lane as their cabin counselor. There, the kids face the horrors of rice cakes and tofu for breakfast, therapy sessions to heal their inner selves, a legendary monster in the cooling pond of a nearby nuclear power plant, and--first love. Sam and Chris Griffin, Rachel Landon, Brian Taylor, Link, and Jane Lane's nephew and niece, Adrian and Courtney, appear in this novel-length tale. The action takes place after the events of "Is It College Yet?"
Could Someone Turn Down the Sun? Wackiness aplenty takes place on the "Good Mornings with Daria and Jane Show," when Madame Tiffany the psychic accidentally causes the sun to go nova and destroy the earth. How will Daria and Jane cope with the loss of their core audience and network ratings, not to mention an astronomical catastrophe? Read on and find out! (Based on the future-ego shots at the end of Is It College Yet?)
Tiffany in Wonderland A little girl goes down a rabbit hole--and Wonderland goes down the drain. Yet another Daria/Alice in Wonderland crossover.

The Pause in the Air Series
Pause in the Air An unexpected guest appears during Thanksgiving dinner at the Morgendorffers' home.
Thanks Giving Thanksgiving is a time for families to go a little crazy, but it is also a time for-giving thanks. This is the second tale in the Pause in the Air series.
Moving Day A romantic conversation--but since when was anything what it seemed?
Silent Night A question about a High Power keeps Jane and her spouse from sleep (a "Pause in the Air" story).
Shock and Aww Two parents-to-be wrestle with bad attitudes and a need for change at their first childbirth class ("Pause in the Air" tale #5).
Family Affairs Valentine's Day in Boston has a twisted surprise for college freshmen Daria and Jane in this, the sixth story in the "Pause in the Air" series.
Writes of Spring Winter changes to spring (and more changes come to light) in the little home of two Boston college students in this, the seventh tale in the "Pause in the Air" series.
April Showers A surprise visitor opens the door to chaos in the little world of two Boston college freshmen, two months away from the birth of their child.
Labor Relations On a dark and stormy night before a funeral, the tiny world of a married couple in college changes forever (story #9 in the Pause in the Air series).

Rita Is Better Than Helen or Amy! A Reasoned Defense of Rita Barksdale of ‘Daria’ Essay. Rita Barksdale deserves better press than she's gotten in Daria fanfic. This essay attempts to rectify the situation using material from the episodes themselves.
Jane and the Lanes: An Essay about the Lane Family of Lawndale Essay. It is possible with a little math work and careful study of Daria show scripts to work out the approximate ages of Jane Lane's many siblings and the circumstances of their birth, feeding interesting speculation about the Lane family's history and the sources of their interpersonal problems. More fanfic about the Lane family is called for. This is the fourth version of this essay and includes much new material.
Jane Lane: Hero in the Making? Essay. Is Jane Lane the offbeat artist soon to become Jane Lane, Hero for Hire? Her genetic code might hold the answer, thanks to a potential stockpile of famous Lane ancestors, courtesy of science fiction's Wold Newton family!
The Sound of Muzak An essay on how music influences fanfic writing, with particulars on "Daria" fanfiction by the author.