Wouter Jaegers

The School Bands Ms. Li is getting wild hair up her butt and goes for another crazy fundraising event that gets everyone to go musical.
Let's Be In Love Find out why Quinn never goes steady and why Stacy always chooses Quinn's side in the fashion club.
Murder Was The Case Sandi strikes back, with a vengeance. This is the sequel to Let's Be In Love.
Manhunt Part three in the Let's Be In Love story line.
Sweet Child Of Mine What is it really like to be a mother? One of our Lawndalian young women will find out.
The Year Of The Cynic A Daria/Kiss psycho circus crossover. Based on "The Year of the Fox" written by Brian Holguin.
Another Week In Lawndale Something is making the residents of Lawndale act stranger than usual. There's a new Kevin in town and Upchuck is wreaking havoc. Just another typical week in Lawndale.
Breakout Jane leaves Lawndale, and her life and the lives of the people she leaves behind will change forever.