Yui Daoren

AMBUSHED! A short fanfic depicting Jane and Daria as fighter pilots.
Out On Vacation During Summer vacation, Daria is forced to reveal something about herself, and it has enormous consequences.
Shipping Charges Apply Daria takes up martial arts. She enlists the help of Trent and Jane to keep her parents from splitting up.
Smoke And Ashes There's a school shooting at Lawndale High. What happens to the characters and how do the survivors cope in the aftermath?
Identity Crisis During a family trip to Europe, Daria is given a very special gift, one that changes her life forever.
Life's Meandering The Morgendorffers move to New Mexico, and Daria and Quinn are confronted with hostility and violence.
Doctor Who Gives A Damn Daria and Jane meet up with "The Time Lord." A Daria/Doctor Who crossover fic.
Consequences Of A Parade Daria has a hard decision to make when Jane discovers her feelings for Tom.
The Emancipation of Stacy Rowe Stacy's life is turned on its ear when a handsome new member of the Lawndale Lions makes her the center of his attention.
Not Your Average Jane Jane Lane tries to put her life back together after a few blows to her confidence in her identity.