Fan Artist

When reviewing the fan authors out there, isn’t it only fair that we take a moment to recognize the fan artist as well? A picture is worth a thousand words. Illustrations can add a great sense of reality to a story, and it’s the closest we’re likely to get to seeing them animated.

There was absolutely no doubt in my mind when I determined the winner of the Fan Artist award…


Really, could there be any doubt? Compare Liliane’s work to stills taken from the show, and one can’t help but notice that her drawings are generally better than those by Eichler and crew. Her fanfic illustrations number in the dozens, she’s created portraits for Outpost Daria (I couldn’t figure out where Martin had scanned them from, and was startled to learn they were fan art), she’s done lifelike sketches, moments from the characters’ past, comic strips – this woman is the Swiss Army Knife of fan artists.

Anyone who hasn’t visited her sketch gallery on Outpost Daria is encouraged to do so. I’m particularly fond of two pieces – her Jane portrait (notice the intense eyes) and her fashion club portrait (a mirror’s eye-view) in which one can just feel the personalities of the fearsome foursome come to life. Sandi’s got that marvelous smile/scowl, Quinn’s just pleased as punch to gaze upon herself, Tiffany’s at her self-absorbed best, and Stacy looks like she’d cry given the slightest opportunity.

Another highlight of her work is the “Childhood Memories” section, wherein Liliane explores the past through pictures. See little Jane fingerpaint with her baby food! See Trent receive his first guitar (Fisher-Price)! See Max with hair! Upchuck, Monique, the Fashion Club – they were all kids once. Liliane shows up a few choice moments from their lives.

Another clever idea is her photo-retouches of well-known actors/actresses to resemble the Daria cast. Most of us have seen the Daria movie rumors page. Liliane does it one better, giving Christina Ricci the Jane bowl cut and red shirt. Not sure I can agree with Leonardo DiCaprio as Trent, though…

There are dozens of little gems scattered throughout the fanfic collection at Outpost Daria as well, but I leave those for people to find.

This is the one award I’ve given where there was no doubt in my mind as to who should receive it. Thanks, Liliane, for adding a visual element to our collective imaginations.

The works of Liliane Grenier can be found on Outpost Daria here.