I did something a little different for this award: I asked for votes. Why? Partly to see if it would work. Unfortuately, I had the bad timing to instigate the voting on the same day that bit the dust, so that killed a major source of material. This might explain why I didnít get much in the way of results, or it may simply be that no one has really passionate feelings about the best erotica story.

Be that as it may the winner of the Best Erotica Story Award goes toÖ




The voting results are as follows:

Passion Club: 3
Daria, The Movie: 1
Night of the Storm: 1
Ragged Denim: 2
Daria Does Lawndale: 1
Tour of Booty: 1

As I said, not a lot of votes were collected. And, in keeping with the way in which this particular award worked, Iím posting the various comments I received as well. No names will be posted Ė comments are anonymous:

I'm voting for The Passion Club, by Gystex42. This story is rather good. It's detailed, it displays and causes emotion, and the word usage is superb. Characters are expanded rather than just changed to fit the story, and they grow and develop realistically.

I'd like to throw in a vote for Ragged Denim. It's a classic.

Since everybody and their dogs will be typing votes with one hand (or paw) for The Passion Club I figured I may as well jump in with what is the original Daria slash fic and still the best (IMFAO) -- T. Wilde and Ivanova's "Ragged Denim". In terms of standalone plotline, it leaves TPC coughing in the ***, and that's been known to actually cause people to, uh, underappreciate the sex scenes, which is a pity...

I think that Daria Does Lawndale (I know who REALLY wrote it, I can't remember his pen name! And I'll be DAMNED if I bring up Lawndale After Dark at work) is one of the nicest of the porno's. Plenty of hot sex, lots of love.

For sheer heresy, and a great laugh, I think MY "pornody" of TLAS, Tour of Booty is the funniest. I slayed myself with the footnotes. I think this one is listed under Candybush.

I donít think anything even approaches the level of ďThe Passion ClubĒ

Well, this is a bit of a tough category. Having a good, erotic story generally means leaving characterization behind. After all, we're dealing with teenagers. How much do they know about sex? Enough to make an erotic story where you can believe they're still them?

I have a feeling most of the votes will be for "The Passion Club" by Rob- uh, Gystex42. It's a pretty good story(s) which fully explores the emotions of everyone involved in such a life-altering situation. Unfortunately, while the sex is incredibly hot, it's also straight out of Penthouse Forum. Teenage girls do not comment on each other's "young" breasts. And god forbid that a lesbian's first sexual experience might be as awkward as everyone else's was.

One of my personal favorite stories where sex played a major role is "Seven Minutes In A Closet". **SPOILERS** The author got slammed for using many cliches, but I feel that is unjust. Tom was evil - but as portrayed, he was merely hapless, a jerk who got bored with sex because he thought that's what a relationship was. Jane saves Daria from suicide - but her first thought is to call Helen and let her know Daria's state of mind, when have we ever seen the protagonist so responsible? Daria and Jane have sex - with an incredibly heartfelt build-up, and a perfectly innocent question as the catalyst. Yes, the story devolves into an OOC sexfest, but the sex is still interesting, and some of the comments still carry the emotional impact of the story all the way to the final line.

So I have to cast my vote for "The Night of the Storm". This story is intensely erotic, although many people claim to dislike it due to the subject of incest. It is the only story I've read where Daria and Quinn act their age, so to speak. This is not just a sex story, it is a coming of age for Daria. The pacing builds to a glorious crescendo of a climax, and to prove that it is not just erotic, but still a story, the author has the characters deal with the dreaded Day After. Unfortunately, as above, I can't remember the author's name, but they definitely deserve the award for Most Erotic Daria Fic.

So, there we have it. As far as my own comments on Passion Club, I donít have much to say that hasnít been said already by CINCgreen in his review of the story, except that, if I had given this award based on my own opinion rather than a vote, the results would likely have been the same.

Incidently, Iíve been lazy this week mostly due to the demands of having a new baby, and it was far less time consuming to award a story based on otherís reviews than on my own. Iíll probably lay off the awards for a while anyway, because I want to finish my story and I find that reviewing the stories of others is taking up far too much time. Not that Iím ready to give up the award game altogether, but they will be posted with less frequency.