There are those who write stories, and there are those who write *about* stories. Much like the Fan Artists, these are people who enhance our work. I felt it was worthwhile to commend the efforts of those who support the fanfiction community by digging into the hows and whys of what we do.

Therefore, the Award for the Best Daria Essayist goes toÖ


I expect a lot of negative feedback on this one. After all, this is CINCgreen weíre talking about, the black sheep of the Daria Fanfic Community.

Letís face it, the Green One keeps us honest. Isnít it rather nice to know that if you get a good review from him, he means it? Isnít it also nice to know that when someone posts a bona-fide piece of crap, someone will have the guts to say so? I donít agree with everything he says (hell, I doubt if his clone would agree with everything he says) but he makes no compromises and pulls no punches. And, unlike me, he actually gives out cash prizes for his awards.

Heís the reviewer we love to hate. I often think that if he werenít already here, Iíd probably get a pseudonym and a cheap Geocities website, and do exactly what heís doing. While his choice of words is often harsh, I seldom disagree with his logic as to why he likes or doesnít like a story. Those who take his scathing reviews too seriously are perhaps missing the point Ė CINCgreen is trying to get a rise out of people. The fact that he succeeds so often is part of his victory. Itís true that heís not an author himself, but the world is full of unmarried marriage counselors.

I posted something a while back that said, among other things, that just because CINCgreen hates your story, it doesnít mean itís bad. However, I will say that when he likes something, itís because itís genuinely good (and Iím not just saying that because heís liked all my stuff so far).

As for his essays, Iíve found them mostly insightful and interesting to read Ė I say mostly, because I really donít care about why heís called CINCgreen and didnít read that one. By the way, ever notice that the picture on his website shows a BLUE sink? Odd, that.

But, in any event, CINCgreenís essays make you think. He voices a few unpleasant truths, like the fact that participation in the fanfic club will go way down when the show ends, and that we often take ourselves way too seriously. His essays get reactions, and once again, thatís exactly what heís shooting for.

Some of us think heís hilarious. Some of us may hate him. Be aware that he probably revels in it either way.

Oh, and unlike other authors Iíve awarded, CINCgreen actually *does* have blackmail material on me, but to his credit heís never used it!

CINCgreenís Green Sink can be found here.