Many people have written bits that don’t really qualify as stories, but are fictional in nature nonetheless. Essentially, these are character studies without plot, or descriptive essays, or what have you. They are often useful for providing a springboard to other authors to write further, and thus deserve some recognition.

In my own opinion, the best and most entertaining non-story was…




The show is very nonspecific about Trent’s past. All we really know is that he’s dated Monique before, he went to Lawndale High, and he once spent a few months living in a tent. “Trent’s Girlfriends” gives us an idea of what else might have been.

The beauty of it is that nothing that’s described in this work is contradicted by what we see on the show. Ruthless Bunny goes into great detail about thirteen women in Trent’s life – the only ones we know are Monique and Daria. Incidentally, I really liked the way Daria was handled in this piece (I’ve never subscribed to the theory that Trent returns her crush, and it makes the whole thing more believable the R.B. didn’t make it that way either).

There’s a lot of chuckles to be had here as well, mostly from Trent’s one-line comments about each girl. “First Kiss – tasted like peanut butter, so it’s good.” This is funny. Likewise his poem for Nicole – we can definitely see his budding lack of talent as a lyricist here.

I’d kind of like to see this turned into a thirteen-part epic, a chapter for each girl. What say you, R.B., want some collaborators on a project like that? I’m sure there’s twelve other fanfic authors out there who might want to take a crack at it. Eleven actually, since there’s plenty of stuff about Trent and Daria already.

Oh, and it hasn’t escaped my notice that Ms. Bunny has been one of the more vocal critics of these awards. I hope she doesn’t mind winning one (.

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