Guest Appearances

These are, more specifically, guest speaking roles. Non-speaking roles don't count. Otherwise, the list would be entirely too long! List is organized alphabetically.

Name Episode(s) Description
Allison "Is It Fall Yet?" Bisexual art colony student that tried to put the moves on Jane when she was vulnerable.
Amanda Lane "Lane Miserables"
"Art Burn"
Mother of Jane and fellow artist. Hard-core believer in the "butterfly" theory.
Artie "Esteemsters"
"The Lawndale File"
"A Tree Grows In Lawndale"
Pimple-faced teenager obsessed with the notion that he was abducted by aliens.
Aunt Amy "I Don't"
"Through A Lense Darkly"
"Aunt Nauseam"
Helen's sister and Daria's, dare I say, "cool" aunt. Basically, she'd be Daria's much older identical twin, if that were possible.
Aunt Rita "I Don't"
"Aunt Nauseam"
Helen's other sister. Goes through boyfriends faster than Quinn goes through eyeliner.
Axl "Pierce Me" Piercing/tattoo artist on Dega Street. Seems cool but I don't believe I'd trust him with a sharp needle near ANY of my body parts.
Cheerleaders "The F Word" Angie, Lisa, and Nicki. Brit's fellow, pom-pom wavers. Angie and Lisa also spoke in "Daria Dance Party."
Courtney & Adrian "Lane Miserables" Two of Summer's four kids. The two that aren't out roaming the streets or hitch-hiking to Vegas.
Coyote & Willow "That Was Then, This Is Dumb" There's nothing more pathetic than a football player trying to think...except perhaps a pair of middle-aged hippies.
David Sorensen "Is It Fall Yet?" Self-proclaimed egghead hired to tutor Quinn during the summer. Proves to Quinn that looks really AREN'T everything.
Dr. Shar "Too Cute" Plastic surgeon. Makes her money by chipping away at the self-esteem of young girls.
Eric Shrecter "Pierce Me"
"Psycho Therapy"
Helen's over-stressed, over-worked boss. The two of them are SO perfect for each other. Jake better look out!
Grandma Ruth "Jake Of Hearts" Jakey's mommy. Even more pushy than Helen. Who knew such a thing was possible?
Holidays "Depth Takes A Holiday" Halloween, Christmas, Guy Fawkes Day, St. Patrick's Day, and Cupid. What can I say about these guys that hasn't already been said?
Lane Siblings "Lane Miserables" Sisters Summer and Penny. Brother Wind. Jane and Trent are the NORMAL ones! Wind also had a speaking role in "Art Burn."
Lehrman "I Don't" Anti-social, monotoned groomsman at Daria's cousin's wedding whom Daria is paired up with for the ceremony.
Monique "Pierce Me"
"Lane Miserables"
Member of The Harpies. On/off girlfriend of Trent.
Mrs. Johanssen "Cafe Disaffecto"
"The Old And The Beautiful"
"Mart Of Darkness"
The rather large hypoglycemic in the flowered moo-moo. Has an obsession for chocolate, even though her doctor warned her against it.
Ms. Morris "See Jane Run" Lawndale High's corrupt gym teacher/track coach. Has an ax to grind with the Lane family.
Tad & Tricia Guptey "Pinch Sitter"
"I Loathe A Parade"
The ideally perfect children...until Daria and Jane warped their impressionble little minds.
Ted Dewit-Clinton "The New Kid"
"I Loathe A Parade"
Daria's ALMOST boyfriend for a brief moment...until he became interesting.
Teresa "Daria!"
"The Old And The Beautiful"
"A Tree Grows In Lawndale"
Salesperson at Junior 5. Shunned by the Fashion Club for uttering those horrifying words: SALE RACK!
Tommy Sherman "The Misery Chick" Arrogant, self-centered ex-football star whose return to Lawndale High was short-lived.
Val "The Lost Girls" Owns her own teen fashion magazine. Teenager trapped in a thirty-something body.
Vincent Lane "Lane Miserables"
"Art Burn"
The ever-elusive father of Jane and Trent. Spends most of his time travelling and photographing rock formations.