Character Makeovers:


Brittany as a bar singer
By Lisanne Bouchard

Brittany as a bar singer.
Brittany as (unknown)
By Grace and Erin

Brittany as someone the artist didn't identify.
Brittany as Leila
By Liliane Grenier

Brittany as Leila, from the TV series Futurama.
Brittany as Joan of Arc
By Liliane Grenier

Brittany as Joan of Arc, who's having a really bad day.

Brittany the Vampire Slayer
By Liliane Grenier

Brittany the Vampire Slayer.
Crazy Brittany
By Liliane Grenier

Brittany goin' crazy on the dance floor.
Brittany in normal clothes
By Jennifer Larkin

Brittany in normal clothes.
Brittany's New Look

Brittany gets a different look.

Down-to-Earth Brittany
By Diana Morgan

Down-to-Earth Brittany.
Brittany the hot-air balloon
By Geoffrey Roberts

Brittany as a hot-air balloon, with Kevin as a passenger.
Brittany as Miss USA
By Emma Russell

Brittany competing in the Miss USA Pageant.
Brittany as Honey Ryder
By Kay Wilkins

Brittany as Honey Ryder, from the James Bond film Dr. No.

Brittany as Quinn
By Asha Williams

Brittany dressed up like Quinn.
Brittany the Laker Girl
By Roxanne Williams

Brittany becomes a Laker Girl.
Brittany as Daria
By Becky McKeever

Brittany dressed up like Daria.
Brittany the goth
By Taryn

Brittany the goth.

Brittany makeover
By Billi Mike

(no description given)
Brittany in a Versace swimsuit
By Katie Cook

Brittany in a Versace swimsuit.
Brittany as Samantha in 'Bewitched'
By "Britney Spears"

Brittany as Samantha, from the TV show Bewitched.
Brittany as Charli
By Tam Nestler

Brittany as Charli, from Hi-5.

Semi-realistic Brittany
By Jennifer Larkin

Semi-realistic Brittany in a different cheerleader's uniform.
Brittany as Beatrix Kiddo from 'Kill Bill'
By William the Bloody

Brittany as Beatrix Kiddo, from Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill.