Character Makeovers:


Daria as Sailor Moon
By Lisanne Bouchard

Daria as Sailor Moon.
Daria as Chun-Li
By A.V. Demira

Daria as Chun-Li, from the video game "Street Fighter."
Daria the Cabbage Patch Kid
By Delenore

Daria as a Cabbage Patch Kid doll.
Daria as a Pink Lady
By Delenore

Daria as a Pink Lady (from Grease).

Daria as Kermit the Frog
By Delenore

Daria as Kermit the Frog.
Daria struck by lightning
By Delenore

Daria after being struck by lightning.
Daria as a M*A*S*H nurse
By Delenore

Daria as a M*A*S*H nurse.
Daria in a D*elia's dress
By Jessica

Daria in a dress from the D*elia's catalog.

Daria in the Emerald City
By Lisanne Bouchard

Daria in the Emerald City (from The Wizard of Oz).
SSgt. Daria Morgendorffer, USAF
By William Fowler

Staff Sergeant Daria Morgendorffer, USAF.
Prom Date Daria
By William Fowler

Daria going to the prom.
Daria in the pink
By R. Mattei

Daria's in the pink!

3D Daria
By Dennis Bailey

Daria in 3D.
Pregnant Daria
By Emma Russell

Daria's gonna have a baby!
Daria the cheerleader
By Emma Russell

Daria as a Lawndale High cheerleader.
Daria's New Look

Daria tries a different look.

Queen Daria
By Emma Russell

Queen Daria.
Alternative Daria
By Liliane Grenier

Daria's ready for Alternapalooza!
Daria as Celine Dion
By Liliane Grenier

Daria as Celine Dion.
Daria in khaki
By Jennifer Larkin

Daria in khaki.

Daria in designer dress
By Jennifer Larkin

Daria in a designer dress by Isaac Mizrahi.
Daria on the Titanic
By Jennifer Larkin

Daria on the Titanic.
Daria as Mouse from "Reboot"
By (\/)ouse

Daria as Mouse from "Reboot."
Daria as Britney Spears
By Erin Burton

Daria as Britney Spears.

Daria as Lara Croft
By Katie Cook

Daria as "Tomb Raider" heroine Lara Croft.
Daria in a new outfit
By Diana Morgan

Daria in a new outfit.
Daria as a Spice Girl
By Katie Cook

Daria attempting to be Ginger Spice. (Originally for Invisigoth Gypsy's fan fiction story "Wannabes.")
Princess Daria
By Katie Cook

Princess Daria.

Daria the Genie
By Katie Cook

Daria as a genie in a bottle.
Daria the nurse
By Katie Cook

Daria the nurse.
Daria as Shirley Temple
By Katie Cook

Daria as Shirley Temple.
The Archangel Daria
By Geoffrey Roberts

The Archangel Daria.

Daria as Carrie
By Maricruz Covarrubias

Daria is finally pushed too far, ala Carrie.
Daria as Lady Pendragon
By Katie Cook

Daria as the comic book character "Lady Pendragon."
Daria in a swimsuit competition
By Anonymous

Daria in the Miss American Bathing Suit Competition.
Goth Daria
By Margaret Harley

Goth Daria.

Goth Daria
By Ana

Goth Daria.
Daria as Sailor Jupiter
By Alexandria Sacco

Daria as Sailor Jupiter.
Daria in black
By Becky McKeever

Daria tries a new look.
Daria as a 50's housewife

Daria as a housewife from the 1950's.

Daria as Miss Lawndale

Daria enters the Miss America Pageant as Miss Lawndale.
By Gilbert Esparza, Jr.

The newest member of the Powerpuff Girls: Dariacup!
Daria as Capt. Feathersword
By Johnathan Baker

Daria as Captain Feathersword, from The Wiggles.
Daria playing quidditch
By Kwiw Bird

Daria as a member of the Ravenclaw Quidditch team.

Daria the Gothic Princess
By Jenn Boivee

Daria the Gothic Princess.
SpongeDaria Squarepants
By Dj Daria

It's SpongeDaria Squarepants!
Powerpuff Daria
By nydariafan

Powerpuff Daria.
Daria the 'California Girl'
By Anonymous

Daria as a "California girl": blonde, tan, and bikini-clad.

Daria's sexy new look
By nydariafan

Daria's sexy new look.
Daria in a black dress
By nydariafan

Daria in a black dress.
Daria as Quinn
By nydariafan

Daria dresses exactly like Quinn.
President Daria Morgendorffer
By Mark Johnson

President Daria Morgendorffer.

Daria as a Japanese catgirl
By Mark Martin

Daria as a Japanese catgirl.
Corporate Daria
By Laura

Daria in the corporate world.
Daria gets the Christmas spirit
By Bri Beach

Daria getting into the Christmas spirit.
Daria at Cashman's
By Jane's Right-Hand

Trent finds Daria shopping for dresses at Cashman's.

Daria in the Fashion Club
By Susan Collins

Daria's in the Fashion Club.
Daria's new look
By Bea

Daria's new look.
Daria the rock star
By Sarah Collins

Daria the rock star.
Daria in a ball gown
By Sank Kingdom Scribe

Daria in a ball gown.

Daria as Meifon Li
By Kim Rich

Daria as Meifon Li, from Space Guardian Angel Links.
Daria as a goth
By Achelois

Yet another "Daria as a goth."
Patriotic Daria
By LilBoloThugz

Patriotic Daria.
Daria as Britney Spears
By Pigtailz007

Daria as pop singer Britney Spears.

Daria as a model
By Jen L

Daria as a model.
Daria as a 'dark Quinn'
By Michael Hargett

Daria in a dark version of Quinn's outfit.
Creepy-looking Daria
By Cassandra Chavez

Daria's looking a little creepy today...
Popular Daria
By Cassandra Chavez

Daria's looking a little popular today...

Daria makeover
By Raimond Breuling

(no description given)
Daria as Gwen Stefani
By Sebastian Chen

Daria as rocker Gwen Stefani (of the group No Doubt).
Daria in blue
By Anna Luzzi

Daria in blue.
Daria in green
By Anna Luzzi

Daria in green.

Patriotic Daria
By Sandra Roberts

Patriotic Daria.
Daria as a fairy
By Katie Cook

Daria as a fairy.
Daria in a Katie Cook original
By Katie Cook

Daria in a Katie Cook original outfit.
Daria in an altered outfit
By Barb

Daria in an altered version of her normal outfit.

Daria in a blue tank top
By Barb

Daria in a blue tank top.
Daria in a red gown
By Barb

Daria in a red gown.
Fashion Club Daria
By Barb

Daria after the Fashion Club gets hold of her.
Daria is Quinn, with a twist
By Hikhali

Daria dresses as Quinn once again, this time with a slight twist.

Glamorous Daria
By Hikhali

Glamorous(?) Daria.
Daria as an anime character
By Martin Kurzeja

Daria as an anime character.
Daria as a singer
By Martin Kurzeja

Daria as a singer.
Daria on rollerblades
By Martin Kurzeja

Daria on rollerblades.

Devilish Daria
By Danielle McCrossen

A positively devilish Daria.
Prep school Daria
By "Just Somebody"

Prep school Daria.
Daria's wild new look
By Marie Shook

Daria's wild new look.
Daria as Princess Sally Acorn
By Maricruz Covarrubias

Daria as Princess Sally Acorn, from Sonic the Hedgehog.

Daria as Lara Croft
By Luis E. Martinez

Daria as Lara Croft, from Tomb Raider.
Dryad Daria
By Diomède de Thrace

Dryad Daria.
Daria as Michael Jackson
By Jose Juan Mendez Ocampo

Daria as Michael Jackson.
Daria as a ghost on Halloween
By Caitlin Duffy

Daria as a ghost on Halloween.

Space Girl Daria
By Caitlin Duffy

A reproduction of "Space Girl Daria" from MTV's old Daria website.
Daria on Beavis and Butt-Head
By Jennifer Larkin

Daria dressed in the three different outfits she wore on Beavis and Butt-Head.
Daria as Taarna
By Richard Lobinske

Daria as Taarna from the film Heavy Metal.
Daria as Taarna (green)
By Richard Lobinske

Daria as Taarna from the film Heavy Metal (green outfit).

Daria as Kung Lao
By Argentina Pena

Daria as Kung Lao.
Albino Daria
By X-Ray Mel

Albino Daria.
Cute Daria
By Jennifer Larkin

Cute Daria.
Daria as Hermione Granger
By Jennifer Larkin

Daria as Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter films.

Six-String Daria
By Angel de Muerte

Daria as the Six-String Samurai ("Six-String Daria").
Daria as Clark Kent
By William the Bloody

Daria as Superman's alter-ego, Clark Kent.