Character Makeovers:


Clueless Jane
By Emma Russell

Clueless Jane.
Jane the skateboarder
By Liliane Grenier

Jane the skateboarder.
Jane as Esmeralda
By Liliane Grenier

Jane as Esmeralda.
Jane in pink taffeta
By K.V.

Jane wearing pink taffeta. (She must be having that dream again...)

Jane in ancient Greece
By Liliane Grenier

Jane in ancient Greek times.
Jane as Mary Tyler Moore
By Jennifer Larkin

Jane as Mary Tyler Moore.
Princess Jane
By Liliane Grenier

Princess Jane.
Popular Jane
By Liliane Grenier

Popular Jane.

Einstein Jane
By Liliane Grenier

Einstein Jane.
Jane in a new outfit
By Diana Morgan

Jane in a new outfit.
Jane the alien
By Liliane Grenier

Jane the alien.
Blonde Jane
By Margaret Harley

Jane about to find out if blondes really do have more fun.

Jane as Xenia Onatopp
By Kay Wilkins

Jane as Xenia Onatopp, from the James Bond film GoldenEye.
Colorful Jane
By Margaret Harley

Jane loses an argument with her paintbrushes...
Jane the pig
By Tina James

Jane as a pig.
Jane as Silent Bob
By Warpedkjh13

Jane as Silent Bob (of "Jay & Silent Bob" fame).

Jane as Sailor Mercury
By Liz Vlahos

Jane as Sailor Mercury.
Patriotic Jane
By Sandra Roberts

Patriotic Jane.
Jane the magician
By Katie Cook

Jane the magician.
Jane the artist
By Jane

Jane strikes an artistic pose.

Jane in a medieval gown
By Jane

Jane in a medieval gown.
Jane dress #1
Jane dress #2
Jane dress #3
Jane dress #4
Jane dress #5
Jane dress #6
By Marie Shook

Jane in various dresses.

Jane in 'Braveheart'
By Martin Kurzeja

Jane as William Wallace, from the movie Braveheart.
Jane's wild new look
By Marie Shook

Jane's wild new look.
Jane makeover
By Tam Nestler

(no description given)
Jane as Bunnie Rabbot
By Maricruz Covarrubias

Jane as Bunnie Rabbot, from Sonic the Hedgehog.

Jane alter-ego
By Caitlin Duffy

Jane as the cover art of David Bowie's album Aladdin Sane.
Jane as Taarna
By Richard Lobinske

Jane as Taarna from the film Heavy Metal.
Cute Jane
By Jennifer Larkin

Cute Jane.
Witchy Jane
By HelpfulSkittlesExplosion

Witchy Jane.

Jane as Coraline Jones from 'Coraline'
By William the Bloody

Jane as Coraline Jones, from the movie Coraline.