Character Makeovers:


Daria and Trent in 'Brigadoon'
By Delenore

Daria and Trent in traditional Scottish garb (from "Brigadoon").
Helen and Jake as Marge and Homer Simpson
By Rey Fox

Helen and Jake as Marge and Homer Simpson.
Helen and Jake being hip
By Roxanne Williams

Helen and Jake attempting to be cool.
Trent and Daria as X-Men

Trent and Daria as the X-Men's Gambit and Jubilee.

Lawndalian Spice
By Liliane Grenier

Presenting Lawndalian Spice! Our favorite Lawndale ladies deck themselves out as the Spice Girls.
Jane and Trent as Raggedy Ann and Andy
By Liliane Grenier

Jane and Trent as Raggedy Ann and Andy.
Jane and Jesse get a little Spanish
By Liliane Grenier

Jane and Jesse get a little Spanish.
The Spice Girls
By Grace and Erin

Quinn, Daria, Jane, and Brittany as the Spice Girls.

Jane and Daria as Playboy Bunnies
By Katie Cook

Jane and Daria as Playboy Bunnies.
The Lawndale Witch Project
By Katie Cook

Three student filmmakers set out into the woods to research the legend of the Lawndale Witch. They never returned. A year later, their footage was found...
Crossover: Daria and Jane
By Geoffrey Roberts

Daria and Jane trade places for Halloween.
Men in Black
By Maricruz Covarrubias

Mr. DeMartino. Mr. MacKenzie. Protecting the Earth from the scum of the universe. Or from Upchuck. Whatever.

The Coneheads
By Jen Larkin

Helen, Quinn, and Jake as SNL's Prymatt, Connie, and Beldarr Conehead.
The Fashion Club in the 80's
By Jen Larkin

The Fashion Club in the 1980's.
Daria and Jane on MST3K
By Shaun Nakasone

Daria and Jane trapped on the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Satellite of Love.
I'm flying!
By Liliane Grenier

Quinn and Jamie do Rose and Jack as they spoof this famous scene from the movie Titanic. (They ain't exactly Kate and Leo, are they?)

You won't have to wait long for some ice...
By Liliane Grenier

Another spoof of Titanic proportions.
Five Years Later
By Liliane Grenier

What the cast of Daria might look like five years from now.
The Fashion Club as Sailor Moon
By Katie Cook

The Fashion Club spiffed up as the four girls from the Darkmoon Circus from "Sailor Moon."
The Morgendorffers as the Jetsons
By Milo Minderbinder

The Morgendorffers as the Jetsons.

The Fashion Club Teletubbies
By Milo Minderbinder

The Fashion Club as the Teletubbies.
The Black-Leather Squad
By Janie Grenier

Some of our favorite Lawndalians as the Black-Leather Squad, commanded by... Upchuck?!!
Visiting Ms. Li
By Geoffrey Roberts

Daria and Jane take time out to visit Ms. Li.
Daria in Oz
By Adam Spradlin

The Daria gang appears in The Wizard of Oz.

The Scooby Gang
By Jen Larkin

Quinn, Kevin, Daria and Trent as Daphne, Freddie, Velma and Shaggy from Scooby-Doo.
The Facts of Life
By Jen Larkin

Jodie, Daria, Brittany and Andrea as Tootie, Jo, Blair and Natalie from The Facts of Life.
O'Neill and DeMartino as Smashing Pumpkins
By Jen Larkin

Mr. O'Neill and Mr. DeMartino as Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin of the Smashing Pumpkins, from their "Tonight, Tonight" video.
The cast pulls a switch-roo
By The Matrix Dragon

Jane, Trent, Quinn, and Daria pull a switch-a-roo.

The cast as the LOTR characters
By Captain Woody

The cast as the characters from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.
Fashion Club takes advice from Daria
By Rissa Reyes

The Fashion Club starts taking fashion advice from Daria.
Sailor Daria and Tuxedo Trent
By Lucy

Sailor Daria and Tuxedo Trent.
Daria and Quinn as Velma and Daphne
By Katie Cook

Daria and Quinn as Scooby-Doo's Velma and Daphne.

Beauty and the Beast
By Jane

Daria and Trent as Disney's Beauty & The Beast.
Trent and Daria as Agents Mulder and Scully
By Case

Trent and Daria as FBI Agents Mulder and Scully, from the TV series The X-Files.
Fashion Club makeover
By Tam Nestler

(no description given)
Daria cast in 'You're Under Arrest'
By Wouter Jaegers

Daria, Jane, Quinn, and Kevin as characters from You're Under Arrest.

Jane as Ash Ketchum
By Wouter Jaegers

Jane and Daria as Pokemon's Ash Ketchum and Pikachu.
Various characters as 'The Matrix' cast
By Verity Robert

Various characters as the cast of The Matrix.
Cast makeovers
By Spoonbender

(no description given)
Daria, Jane, and Quinn
By Christ Oliver

Daria as Napoleon Dynamite, Jane as Futurama's Leela, and Quinn as The Ring's Samara.

Daria, Jane, and Trent in 'Chicago'
By Mia Trevino

Daria, Jane, and Trent as the three leads in Chicago.
The Fashion Club at the prom
By Jennifer Larkin

The Fashion Club dressed for the prom.
The Fashion Club switches outfits
By Jennifer Larkin

The Fashion Club switches outfits with each other.
The Fashion Club gone 'scene'
By Crystal Fuentes

The Fashion Club gone "scene."