Character Makeovers:


Quinn the Businesswoman
By Emma Russell

Quinn the Businesswoman.
Quinn the Nerd
By Barbara Ward and Roxanne Williams

Quinn the nerd.
Quinn the Goth
By Roxanne Williams

Quinn the Goth.
Quinn as Claire Danes in "Romeo+Juliet"
By Liliane Grenier

Quinn as Claire Danes' Juliet, from the movie Romeo+Juliet.

Quinn as a fashion sketch
By Liliane Grenier

Quinn as a fashion sketch.
Quinn accepting an Oscar
By Liliane Grenier

Quinn accepting a well-deserved(?) Oscar.
Quinn the tribal warrior
By Liliane Grenier

Quinn the tribal warrior.
Quinn as Justice
By Liliane Grenier

Quinn as Justice, balancing the scales.

Quinn in the 1980's
By Jennifer Larkin

Quinn in the 1980's.
Quinn with butterflies
By Grace and Erin

Quinn decked out in a butterfly motif.
Oriental Quinn
By Diana Morgan

Oriental Quinn.
Gothic Quinn
By Diana Morgan

Gothic Quinn.

Quinn in a formal dress
By Diana Morgan

Quinn in a formal dress.
Quinn the bad-ass
By Liliane Grenier

Quinn the bad-ass.
Quinn's unusual wedding
By Milo Minderbinder

Quinn's unusual wedding...
Quinn the cheerleader
By Liliane Grenier

Quinn the cheerleader.

Quinn the waitress
By Katie Cook

Quinn the roller-skating waitress.
Quinn the silent movie actress
By Katie Cook

Quinn as an actress from "the era before talkies."
Quinn the naval officer
By A.V. Demira

Quinn the naval officer.
Quinn as Zev from 'Lexx'
By Volchii

Quinn as Zev, from the TV series Lexx.

Fat Quinn
By Becky McKeever

Quinn finally gave up on those diet sodas and cheeseless pizzas...
Quinn as Greg
By Johnathan Baker

Quinn as Greg, from The Wiggles.
Quinn's new look
By Anonymous

Quinn's new look.
Quinn as Misty
By nyquinnfan

Quinn as Misty from Pokemon.

Quinn the Packers fan
By Susan Collins

Quinn as a Green Bay Packers fan... or maybe Ultra Cola is making a comeback...
Quinn makeover
By Billi Mike

(no description given)
Quinn as Daria
By Amanda P

Quinn dresses as Daria.
Quinn as Jay
By Warpedkjh13

Quinn as Jay (of "Jay & Silent Bob" fame).

Quinn as Princess Fiona
By Warpedkjh13

Quinn as Princess Fiona, from the movie Shrek.
Devil Quinn
By Tam Nestler

Devil Quinn.
Quinn in a Carol Herra outfit
By Katie Cook

Quinn in a Carol Herra outfit.
Quinn's wild new look
By Marie Shook

Quinn's wild new look.

Quinn as a fairy
By Rosie

Quinn as a fairy.
Quinn in beachwear
By Tam Nestler

Quinn in beachwear.
Quinn makeover
By Tam Nestler

(no description given)
Quinn as Amy Rose
By Maricruz Covarrubias

Quinn as Amy Rose, from Sonic the Hedgehog.

Quinn as a witch on Halloween
By Caitlin Duffy

Quinn as a witch on Halloween.
Quinn as a devil
By MDetector5

Quinn as the devil.
Quinn as a French maid
By MDetector5

Quinn as a French maid.
Quinn as Cherry from 'Planet Terror'
By William the Bloody

Quinn as Cherry, from Quentin Tarantino's Planet Terror.