Character Makeovers:


Sandi as Lara Croft
By Liliane Grenier

Sandi as "Tomb Raider" heroine Lara Croft.
Sandi as Rose from "Titanic"
By Liliane Grenier

Sandi as a slightly damp Rose, from the movie Titanic.
Sandi as Satan
By Geoffrey Roberts

Sandi as Satan (gee, there's a stretch...).
Sandi the model
By Katie Cook

Sandi realizes her lifelong dream to be a model.

Sandi as Anthony
By Johnathan Baker

Sandi as Anthony, from The Wiggles.
Sandi's big head
By Elias Particles

Sandi's ego has really gotten out of control...
Sandi as Britney Spears
By Anonymous

Sandi as Britney Spears in schoolgirl outfit.
Sandi in 'Sleepy Hollow'
By Sarah Sheridan

Sandi as Katherine, from the movie Sleepy Hollow.

Sandi as Miss Congeniality
By Luis E. Martinez

Sandi as FBI Agent Gracie Hart, from the movie Miss Congeniality.