Character Makeovers:


'Stone Cold' Stacy 3:16
By Austin Covello

"Stone Cold" Stacy 3:16.
Stacy Rowe: Pilot
By Austin Covello

Stacy Rowe: Designated Pilot of Evangelion Unit 03
Stacy as Britney Spears
By Liliane Grenier

Stacy as Britney Spears.
Stacy as Andi from "Reboot"
By (\/)ouse

Stacy as Andi from "Reboot."

Stacy in an elegant gown
By Katie Cook

Stacy in an elegant evening gown.
Stacy as Murray
By Johnathan Baker

Stacy as Murray, from The Wiggles.
Stacy's new look
By Anonymous

Stacy's new look.
Stacy as a bumble bee
By Sarah Collins

Stacy as a bumble bee.

Stacy as Chun-Li
By Anonymous

Stacy as Chun-Li, from the video game Street Fighter.