Remember, Remember…

 A Daria fanfic

 All Daria characters are copyright yadda, yadda, yadda

 Summary: Daria attends a Bonfire Night AKA Guy Fawkes day party at Clovis’s and learns why some people should not be allowed near fireworks


Remember, Remember the 5th of November…

 Gunpowder, treason and plot…

 I see no reason, why gunpowder treason…

 Should ever be forgot…


 “Remember, Remember…ACK…alright Tom I’ll stop singing it now take your bloody hands of my neck!’


 Principal Brucie looked up from his desk and was about to chastise the noisemakers before seeing it was just Sloane and Daniels…he winced waiting for the “LEE-DANIELS” that usually followed such a mistake but given that Clovis thankfully had yet to learn how to read minds that didn’t happen, shrugging he left them to whatever they where doing and let the study hall carry on. He usually let their outbursts slide, partially as Tom was a decent student and Clovis was…well…Clovis.


 Once they saw the principal had gone back to ‘important paperwork’ (playing solitaire on his laptop) the two friends resumed their conversations.


 “So Clovis am I to assume you’re planning another Guy Fawkes day party?”


 “Guy Fawkes day?” Clovis remained silent for a while before shaking his head “Words fail me my friend, no one calls Bonfire night that, but in answer to your question yes I am, the shindig be happening at my place and I got myself some quality fireworks and other assorted stuff, so feel free to invite Daria, I’ll be asking Jane over,”


 “Ah…” Tom seemed reluctant about this,


 “Oh come on mate, this isn’t one of your parents social functions, you don’t have to worry about this being some upper-class twit of the year gathering”


 “Clovis its not that,” Tom replied quickly, “its just…is this going to be a repeat of last years party?”


 Clovis rubbed his hands together grinning “OH yessssss…”


 “God have mercy on us all.” Tom sighed before letting his head fall onto his desk.

 “Come on mate don’t be like that…” Clovis speeded up to catch up with his rapidly retreating friend despite the surprisingly deep snowfall that had occurred this 5th of November.


 “Your reluctance to invite your lady-friend to this little get together of mine is beginning to make me think your trying tell me something. Is it my hair?”


 Tom stopped and rolled his eyes “No Clovis, its not your hair that worries me…albeit it is a little outlandish, what worries me is that you’re going to pull some insane stunt that you will invariably drag me into in some way or form and will probably cause me no end of embarrassments and possibly injury…again.”


 Clovis stopped alongside his friend, “are my ideas really that bad?”


 “Clovis the saying ‘don’t give him ideas’ was practically tailor made for you I sometimes think, and I don’t want to look like a fool in front of Daria…” he stopped when he saw the raised eyebrow from his friend “OK I don’t want to look like an even bigger fool in front of her, happy now?”


 “I guess” he shrugged “but come on, we’ve done lots of stupid stunts and pulled some pranks in our time and gotten away unharmed, remember the presidential election?”


 “Yeah that one kind of backfired on us Clovis.”


 “Oh yeah…” Clovis shrugged “Hey I never thought they would take our suggestion seriously…”


 “Look Clovis just promise me you wont do anything stupid…stupider than usual ok?”


 “Fine,” Clovis said quickly and a little exasperated “fine, fine, fine, fine, FINE,” after stopping to dislodge the small snow pile building on the peak of his baseball cap he resumed “So see you at mine tonight, remember to wrap up warm…and try not to wear anything TOO flammable…” Tom glared at him causing Clovis to grin weakly “…just in case.”


 Later that day Daria and Jane found themselves stood in the back garden of the Lee-Daniels household. Both stood under the jutting out roof to avoid the snow.


 “Been a good day by his standards eh Amiga?”


 “Indeed, I am amazed that Clovis throwing a party involving burning someone in effigy and using small explosives I’m amazed he’s done such a good job of not doing anything stupid…although from what I gather Tom forced him to promise something like that.”


 “Poor guy, tension must be killing him.”


 “Tom or Clovis?”


 “Like it matters.” Jane replied with a smirk “either way we get some entertainment, I can guarantee that…ooh time for the fireworks…goody”


 As Clovis walked past with a box of fireworks in his arms Daria noticed the evil smirk her friend had.


 “Jane…what did you do?”


 “Well when Clovis called and said he wasn’t allowed to do anything stupid I decided I owed it to everyone to make sure we got some entertainment so I altered the instructions on a firework…”


 “Altered?” Daria asked warily


 “All I did was switch the ‘this way up’ sign, come on it takes more than fireworks to harm Clovis…don’t give me that look, I can feel your look.”


 Daria watched as Clovis lit the tampered firework, thankfully everyone else was at a safe distance, although even without fireworks they would no doubt be stood away from Clovis on general self preservation instincts.


 “You’re still sore about the whole pushing you out a window thing aren’t you?”


 “Yup, figure it was time he got humiliated.” Jane replied evilly as the fuse burnt down, Clovis’s eyes widened as he dived for cover as the firework exploded in a loud BOOM that shook the earth Jane punched the air “Hah, take that you limey…”


 Daria just looked up at the large amount of snow on the roof above them “Yeah Jane I think the jokes on us this time.”






 After the two had been dug out from the large pile of frozen discomfort and found themselves sat wrapped in blankets in the Lee-Daniels kitchen they where handed a pair of mugs by Tom and Clovis.


 “Here this should stop the bloody chattering noises your teeth are making.”


 “Your compassion overwhelms me” Daria replied as she drunk the contents of the mug, it was ‘unique’ to say the least but not unpleasant.


 “Hey you have no one to blame but Jane” Clovis replied grinning as he sat down, the few people who had come to the party had left disinterested after they learned they would not get to see 2 frozen dead cynics.


 “Rub it in why don’t you?” Jane muttered


 “Well it’s supposed to be drunk but if you insist” Clovis said with a grin as he reached forward, leading to Jane to shriek and run around the house with Clovis chasing her


 “I feel a little responsible for being partially involved in spawning such an unholy union” Tom sighed as he took Jane’s vacant chair and put an arm around Daria, he could feel her shivering through the blanket, “Jesus Daria I better get you another blanket!”


 “I’ll be fine” she replied leaning on his shoulder “Although another mug of…whatever that stuff is should hit the spot.”


 “Sure,” he stood and at the counter and began to fill the mug again “so you know its Earl Grey tea, lemon juice, honey and cinnamon…Clovis invented it and I never wanted to know what the circumstances where.”


 Daria took the mug and again leaned into his shoulder “well if there’s one thing today has taught me” she said as she saw two figures fall past the window “Its that some people should just not be allowed near fireworks.”


 The End


Just a little something written for Bonfire Night and with the time and effort that went into ‘Encounters of the Vampire Kind’ I needed a small break.  So hope you liked this one, not sure how or even if this fits into my series but take it as it is as they say…what the hell did I just say?  As usual send whatever feedback/comments/criticism/actually I’m to lazy to list something else so just mail me at