by Lawndale Stalker

October 03

"So, are we going to Cashman's after school today, Sandi?" Stacy asked as she pulled her morning's books and fashion mags out of her locker.

"Not today. I have to give Fluffy a bath, and that takes so long."

"Yeaahh. and he haaates it." observed Tiffany."

"Poor thing. It's being cold and wet afterward that he hates," Sandi agreed, "but he's a Persian. It takes forever to dry him with a towel, and he won't let me get near him with a hair dryer."

Stacy closed her locker, and the Fashion Club proceeded down the hall toward Tiffany's locker. "Quinn, maybe your, uh, cousin would know a better way to dry a cat. She knows lots of stuff."

"Yeaahh." observed Tiffany.

Quinn frowned, then quickly relaxed her face to avoid frown lines. "She probably would, the know-it-all, but she might want to charge me for telling me."

Up ahead, Quinn's cousin and her weird art friend were talking in front of an open locker. The Fashion Club fell silent as they approached.

Quinn's cousin was saying, "…washed my dumb fuzzy house slippers. Last time, they took forever to dry in the dryer because of all the fur, so this time I just stuck 'em in the microwave, and they were dry in a few minutes."

"Hey, that's using the old noggin," her weird art friend said. "I think I'll do that next time I wash my cats."

Sandi smirked knowingly as they passed the two geeky unfashionable girls. "Hmm. Maybe we'll have time to go to Cashman's today after all," she said.

"You're so smart, Sandi," said Quinn.

As the Fashion Club passed out of hearing range, Quinn's cousin remarked, "Be sure and get it on videotape, and we'll send it in to Sick, Sad world." Smirking evilly, the two headed off in the other direction.