by: Kemical Reaxion


The Movie. First off, I just wanted to mention that while I tried to stay true to the movie (especially the songs) it was difficult to do so with the plot and dialog. So, alot of the stuff going on in THIS version is quite different from the movie. It just wouldn't work any other way! Just consider this fic a very LOOSE interpretation of the movie, k? Ok.

Seniors?? Yes, Daria and her classmates are Seniors in High School in this script. It was important to the plot of the movie, but as we all know, in the TV show, she moved to Lawndale BEFORE her Senior year. So that was a minor change I had to make.

Song changes. I had to reassign some of the songs to different characters than who sang them in the movie, for various reasons. I also had to move songs around, like "Sandy," for instance." I just couldn't make it work any other way. Hope it isn't too confusing.

Jesse and Andrea. They were difficult to write lines for, mostly because they really don't say much on the show. Still, it was really fun trying to figure out what they might say. Jesse was the big challenge, but I think he's probably more intelligent than they portray him on the show...I'd like to THINK he is, anyway. Maybe he's not stupid...just quiet. It's a possibility that I wanted to explore, and I hope maybe I touched on that a little. The whole "you're in our booth" scene was particularly fun for me to write! As for Andrea's lines, I simply thought of the exact opposite thing I would say myself and gave those lines to her! I think it worked nicely. And that little speech she gave Daria in the bathroom? That seemed uncharacteristic for her at the time, but I think it worked. It showed she's not all tough and close-lipped. She, in her own way, was trying to help Daria, and I think that was important, to show a more human side to her, even if she IS frightening at times.

Germans. On a related note, I'd like to make it clear to everyone that Andrea's question about Daria being a Nazi was in no way intended to be derogatory to Germans or people with German names. I myself have a German name. The question was meant to show that Andrea says whatever she thinks. She doesn't beat around the bush. The thought entered her mind, so she said it. Don't take it seriously, ok? Just wanted to clear that up.

Timeline. It's much easier to follow what's going on if you've seen the movie (and yes, it's based mostly on the movie, not the play), but I think it should still be easy enough if you haven't. Some of the jokes you may not get if you haven't seen it, so I suggest you watch it. I sometimes take for granted that everyone else has seen it too.

‘Shipper alert! I tried to shy away from the 'shipper aspect of the story, but it couldn't be helped in some cases. I hope it wasn't overdone because that's not what I wanted the focus to be on...and I didn't want it getting all mushy and sentimental. I just wanted it to be "a fun-filled campus romp." Well...something like that anyway.

The Kalimba. Ted mentioned this, and for those that are curious, it is an African percussion instrument. I didn't just make it up. Somehow, it just seemed appropriate for Ted. Go figure!

Andrea and her nasty habit. Ok, yeah, she smokes in this story. ALOT! But if you've ever seen the actual movie, EVERYBODY smokes. So, it was very hard to imagine this script without at least one smoker. She seemed the most likely, but I didn't want to overdo it by having EVERYONE doing it.

Daria and her band. Ok, seems a little far-fetched, but it was a cool idea. Andrea definitely seems more like a drummer to me, so that left Daria and Stacy playing guitar. I was originally going to have them sing, but I couldn't ever figure out lyrics that would work for the song. So I decided instrumental might be better, since the main focus was that Daria could play the guitar, not "Hey, she can sing." And the name, Sister Sludge? Just seemed right to me!

Quinn's song. This was actually the first thing I wrote for this script. This song however, originally titled "Freddy My Love," was not really in the actual movie (well, it was, but only as background music). It was in the theatrical production of "Grease" though as a main song, and when I heard it, it just SCREAMED "Quinn!!!" :-) I couldn't pass up adding it to the script and it was really the inspiration behind the rest of the story.

John Travolta cameo. Sorry, but it was too good to resist. I was actually flipping through channels one night and the movie "Michael" was on...where Travolta plays an angel. He seemed like the perfect guest star for my movie...considering he was in "Grease" anyway. And the disco references? PLEASE don't make me explain that!

Brittany's intelligence. I realize I painted her as being dumber than a post here, even more than usual, but I hope that scene in the Pizza King where she was talking about not knowing how to be anything else at least clues us in on her personality a little more. Showing that yes, she may be clueless most of the time, but she still has feelings. I actually kind of feel sorry for her, cuz she seems to be a genuinely good person, despite her faults.

The opposing football team, the Rangers. The "Rangers" was the team's name in the actual movie...they were the Rydell Rangers. Also, my very own university is also the Rangers, so I just couldn't resist throwing that it. Just wanted to let you know this is not in reference to the ‘Shipper Rangers I hear so much about on the Outpost MB. Just so ya know.

The book "The Awakening." This is an evil evil EVIL book. Well, not really EVIL, but I read it in high school and we studied it SO much, I learned to despise it. The ending sucked, by the way. If you’re thinking of reading it, don’t bother.

Monique and Upchuck. Her beating him up and putting him in a's something I've always wanted to do!

The evil Sandi. Ok, I know Sandi did some pretty nasty things here (slashing tires and playing with fireworks) but I don't believe she's THAT bad on the actual show. She'd never REALLY do that, but it was crucial to the story, and I didn't mind seeing Sandi take a header into the punch bowl! :-) Hehehe...

The hook. Ok, I can’t really take credit for this idea. When Daria said that it was something she saw on TV and she wanted to do it, that’s actually true. Believe it or not, I saw it on a soap opera once! I just tweeked it a bit to fit my story.

P.I.C. Stands for "Partner In Crime."

The director. Lastly, just in case there was any doubt, the director cameo is supposed to be me. I can be annoying and manipulative like that sometimes, too. So sue me! Well...hope you enjoyed reading this fic as much as I enjoyed writing it. It was time consuming and frustrating at times, but it really was alot of fun. I'd love to hear what you thought, so feel free to send feedback to me at, for now!

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