Quinn, age sevnteen, walks in. She picks up an old video on the coffee table.

"What is this?" She put it in. An image of Quin riding a big wheel around and around the yard popped up. Helen, behind the camera, was saying, "Smile for mommy Quinn!" Quinn yelled back, "I'm a pwetty pwincess!"

Quinn smiled at the old scene. Then Daria came in. "Did I hear a young Quin squealing or did you have a baby in here?" Quin rolled her eyes. Her sister, uh, COUSIN, was so brain-dead. "Da- aria! I'm watching old home movies."

Daria looked at the screen as a young version of her ran up to Quinn and put a stick in the spoke of her Big Wheel. "It won't GO!" Baby Quinn whined onscreen. She pedaled harder. Daria's Mona Lisa smile spread as Baby Quinn flipped over.

"WaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHHHHHHH!" Quinn sobbed. "She made me go BOOM!!!!!!" Tears fell down Quinn's face as Jake, now using the camera, did a close- up. Helen glared into the lens.

"JAKE! Put that camera down! Put it down! Do you want me to-" She thrust her hand into the camera just as Daria was saying, "Hey, she had it comin'."

Quinn pushed the pause button. "Go-od! Daria! I had forgotten how mean you were!"

Daria smiled. "I remember it so well. Hey Quinn?"


"What if we could go back?"

Quinn sighed. This girl was sooo out there. "I don't know Daria! Can't you just watch Stupid, Sucky Earth opr something and leave me alone?"

God. What a cheese.

Daria smiled. "I wonder what ELSE I would do to you.... if I could go back."

The next morning, Daria woke up to her mother softly saying, "Da-aria! Time to wakey, wakey!"

What the hell?

Daria opened her eyes. "How do you feel?" Her mother said, looming over her.

Daria sat up. "OK, I guess. Why are you doing this?" Her mother giggled. Now Daria was really weirded out. Her mother never tittered like that. "I always wake you up! And why shouldn't I wake you up on your sixth birthday?"

Daria was amazed. "Whaat?"

Her mother tittered again. "I'll let you get up, six- year old."

Her mother left the room. Ohhhhh. Daria got it. She must have wished she could go back last night. Yes, rioght after Quinn turned on that damn video- QUINN!

Daria ran downstairs. "QUINN, I'M GONNA GET YOU!" Daria flung herself at Quinn once in the kitchen.

"AHHHHH!" Quinn screamed. "Mommy! Daria hurting me!" Helen whipped around. "Daria, there's no need for violence. But sit down now because we have your cake!"

Daria rubbed her eyes. "This early?"

Jake smiled. "Well, yes! Last night you kept yelling that you wanted your cake for breakfast, and who are we to argue with the birthday girl?"

Helen carried a dark purple cake out to the table. "Blow 'em out!" She whispered.

But before Daria could lean in, Quinn jumped up and blew all the candles out.

"Hey!" Daria yelled! She chased Quinn around and around the kitchen, hitting her with a pancake turner. Quinn giggled and said "OW!" everytime she was hit.

"I'll teach YOU to mess with my birthday, byotch!"

Helen gasped. "Ohh, Daria, where did you learn to talk like that?!"

"uh... I'm sorry mommy." Daria knew she remembered that word from somewhere. This brown- haired girl who sounded like a guy who liked to be mean to a red- haired girl in a pink shirt had used it all the time.... but where was Daria getting these memories?

Hi, my name is Lola! and I'm new to fanfic. My first fanfic, "Crashed", is posted on Outpost Daria and it really sucks. But I'm hoping to do better with this series. So if you have any questions, please email me and I will try to be as punctual as I can in reply. Any mistakes or plot holes you noticed? Please alert me! Also, any suggestions would be great and happily appreciated and probably used.