Lawndale Long Ago

Lawndale History, Times, People, etc. Part Two


Daria was sitting in her room. She was trying to work things out. She didn't know why she had "almost" swore in the kitchen, but she was as bored as heck. Suddenly, she was bombarded by another memory. She always used to run and slam herself against her padded walls when she was bored. "Why did I like to do that?" Daria said to herself. But it was something to do. She went to the other side of her room and slammed herself on the wall. Whump! Hey, this was fun...... and again. Whump! Again. Whump!

Helen burst in. "Daria, what are you doing?" Daria looked up, out of breath. "Uh, don't I always do this?" Helen looked weird. "No...." Was this really the first time Daria did that? That was when she realized. She might be able to change the past and, in turn, change the future.

Oh, what she could do to Quinn............


Three days later, in the back yard, Quinn was riding her Pink Bigwheel going, Wheeeeee!"

Daria sat alone in the sandbox, creating kingdoms and thinking up creative ways to destroy them. Helen came out the French doors, and Jake followed with a camera. Jake yelled, "Playing with my girls!"

Now didn't this look familiar....

The tape replayed itself in her head. She was supposed to stick something in the spokes of the bike, but instead she faded in the background and let her sister shine.

Part 3, the final installment, coming soon!


I want to thank Khemikal (sp?) Reaxion for bearing with my in my sucky days of fanfic writing. Thank everyone, love you all!