Bedtime Story


Neil was walking back and forth down the hall carrying his crying daughter in his arms. As he paced, the older Quinn came out to join him.


“I hate to say this but we need to do it.” She said.


Neil looked at his wife.


“We can’t. It’s not fair to her.”


Quinn sighed. “I know but she’ll eventually grow out of it and we need to get a little sleep too.”


“But we can’t keep imposing on her this way. She has a life of her own.”


“I know. We can try it alone again tomorrow.”


“Very well. But I swear this is the last time.”


All three went into the nursery. As Neil put their daughter in her crib, Quinn dialed the number.


Daria was sitting in bed reading when the phone rang.




“Hi Daria.”


“Hi Quinn.”


“I guess you know what this is about.”


“Yes I can hear her right now.”


“Do you mind?”


“Of course not. Put the phone next to her.”


While Quinn moved the phone, Daria put her book down and got the copy of Winnie the Pooh off the nightstand. Opening it to where she had left off the night before, she started reading. Before she got to the bottom of the second page Quinn picked back up.


“She’s asleep now. You’ve really got the magic touch. Thanks.”


“Anytime. Bye”




The End

As always, Daria belongs to MTV. This was written for my own amusement.