Wedding Belle


The phone had to ring several times before anyone answered it. Extending her hand from under the covers, Daria put the receiver to her ear. “Hello?”


“Uh Huh.”


“That’s nice.”


“I’ll call you in the morning. Okay?”




After she hung up, Stan rolled over and asked, “What was that about?”


Daria remained motionless in the bed. “That was Quinn. Brad proposed.”


Stan sat bolt upright and looked at her.




Still not moving, Daria said. “She called, said Brad proposed and she accepted.”




Rolling onto her back Daria opened her eyes and tried to focus on her husband.


“And what?”


He couldn’t believe this. Daria just learned her daughter was getting married and all she wanted to do was sleep.


“There has to be more to it than that.”


“There is.” Daria turned her head to look at the clock. “It’s 2am. Let’s talk about this in the morning. When I’m actually awake. Okay?”


“As if I can get back to sleep now.” Stan thought. Knowing it was futile arguing with his sleeping wife he relented.


“Very well.”


Daria rolled back over. “Fine. We’ll call Quinn then. She can tell us everything.”


As Daria drifted back to sleep Stan just stared at her wondering how she could be so calm. Until he knew more, getting any more sleep was going to be impossible. His mind was going to be wondering about the details all night long. Finally, for his own peace of mind, he got up and called Quinn.


Sitting at the kitchen table, Stan took a sip of water and continued.


“So tell me exactly what happened.”


On the other end of the phone, Quinn said, “Well. We were at dinner when he took out the ring and asked.”


“Sounds like how I proposed to your mom.” Stan said. “So I guess you said yes right then.”


“I did.”


“Quinn I’m not trying to burst your bubble but I just want to know. Are you completely sure he’s the one you want to spend the rest of your life with?”


As she spoke, Quinn smiled. She couldn’t be upset with him. She knew he was concerned for her and was only thinking about her happiness. To ease his mind she decided to let him know.


“I know he’s the one. Do you remember when I had the flu a few months back?”


“I remember.”


“Well Brad was there to take care of me. No matter what I needed he was there to do it. That was the first time I was sick and didn’t want Mom around to comfort me. I knew I was in good hands.”


“That’s love alright.” Stan thought. Then he asked, “So have you worked out any of the details yet?”


As Quinn spoke, he listened. For the next half-hour they discussed many things Quinn wanted for her wedding. As the conversation wrapped up, Quinn had one more thing.


“Uh Stan, before you hang up I have a question.”




“Do you remember the conversation we had when Grandpa died?”


“I remember.”


“Well I meant it with all my heart. Now I was wondering if you would be the father of the bride and give me away?”


This was the second shock to his system in one night. As he sat there in silence, he thought about this and grew more proud. A second later he heard Quinn’s voice.



Putting the phone back to his ear, he said, “Sorry Quinn. I’m here.”


“Well? Will you?”


He smiled.


“Quinn, it would be an honor. Thank you.”


“You’re welcome… Dad.”


That was the second time she had called him that. As he continued smiling, he said. “Well it’s pretty late. We both should get some sleep. We’ll call you tomorrow. Okay?”


“Okay. Goodnight Stan.”


“Goodnight Quinn.”


After hanging up. Stan sat there processing everything he just heard. As difficult as it would have been sleeping not talking to Quinn it would be even more difficult sleeping now that he knew what Quinn wanted.


As he went back to bed, Daria asked, “So what did Quinn have to say?”


He figured he was going to get busted so he answered.


“She just shared a few details. I’ll tell you in the morning.”


“Fine.” Daria said, and went back to sleep. 


The next day they called Quinn to learn more. As the conversation continued, she told them she wanted to have the ceremony in Lawndale. Brad’s family was only a few hours away and it would save travel time for everyone and allow more people to attend the wedding. Before hanging up, she said as soon as they decided on the date she would be coming back to start taking care of the arrangements. When the conversation was over Stan and Daria looked at each other.


“Well the next few months are going to be busy.” Daria said.


Stan had to agree. “Do you think she can pull this off living halfway across the country?”


Daria nodded. “Yes, but she’s going to need our help to do it. Be prepared for a lot of phone calls and visits. Our wedding was simple. Quinn has way too much of her mother in her. She wants a big party. We’ve got our work cut out for us. Think you’re ready for this?”


Shrugging, Stan looked at Daria. “I guess we have no choice. If this is going to happen I’ll do what ever you two tell me.”


“He has no idea how much work this is going to be.” Daria thought. Looking at him, she said, “Did she ask you yet?”


“About what?”


“Giving her away. Did she ask you?”


Smiling, he said. “Yes, last night. I said I would.”


“That’s good. She hoped you would. She truly loves you.”


The next day, Quinn called with the date. After telling Daria when the wedding would happen she said she would be there in three weeks to start sorting out the details. Daria asked Quinn what she needed to do before she arrived to make things easier. Quinn said she would make a list and send it later. After a few minutes of conversation the two hung up.


Sitting on the chair, Daria wondered if her warning to Stan the day before wasn’t more appropriate for her. She was going to be the one making most of the local arrangements. Quinn and Stan would try to help but distance and work would keep their participation to a minimum and Helen was in no condition to do much more than ride along with her. Figuring all she was doing was depressing herself, she got up and went into the kitchen to get some coffee.


Later that day she checked her messages. Sure enough there was a list from Quinn. As she printed it out she grew more depressed. The list was six single-spaced pages that looked more like a phone book than a simple list of wedding details. Reviewing it, she wondered what Quinn was expecting. It seemed the only thing missing was chartering a private jet to fly in the out of town guests. This was going to take some sorting out.


By the time three weeks rolled around Daria had managed to find out a good bit of the information Quinn had on her list. After picking Quinn up at the airport, the pair went back to the house and started working through the details. As they went over everything, Quinn finally realized what she was facing and what it would take to pull it off. It was at that moment she decided a smaller ceremony would be fine. As they sat there eliminating things from the list and changing others the kitchen door opened.


Looking up from her work, Quinn saw a familiar face.




 Jumping up, she rushed over and hugged him. “It’s good to see you.” she said.


As Stan hugged back, he said, “Good to see you too Quinn.”


Separating, the two sat at the table. Looking at Quinn, Stan asked, “So how are the plans going?”


“Okay.” Quinn said. “We’ve scaled a good bit of it back. Tomorrow is when things get busy. We’re going to get Grandma and talk to the pastor about the ceremony and booking the church.”


Turning to look at Daria, Stan said, “Are you sure Helen is up to it?”


“It’s just to the church and perhaps to the florist.” Daria said. “It shouldn’t be too much for her. If she gets tired we’ll go back to her house so she can rest.”


Quinn looked at Daria.


“Is she that bad? The last time I saw her she was still moving around okay. Has she gotten that much worse over six months?”


Daria nodded and sighed, “Her mind is fine but she’s getting older. She gets around well enough but she tires faster now. She tries to hide it but it’s tough for her.”


“Do you think she should go with us tomorrow then?” Quinn asked.


“Yes. She wants to be a part of planning the wedding. It would do more harm for her to not be a part of this. We just have to be sure not to overdo it.”


Sitting there, Quinn decided she wanted to see Helen. “Mom. Would you mind if I went to see Grandma right now? We’ve been at this for a while and we both could use a break. We can get back to it later. Okay?”


Gathering the papers off the table, Daria looked at Quinn. “Sure. I’m ready for a break too. Do you want me to go with you?”


Shaking her head, Quinn said, “No. I want to see her alone. If that’s okay with you.”


Daria gave her a quick smile. “Of course. I understand.” Handing her the keys she said, “Here. Take my car.”


Taking the keys, Quinn said, “Thanks. I won’t be too long.”


Stan looked at Quinn.


“Do you want us to wait until you get back to eat dinner.”


Turning to go through the door, Quinn looked over her shoulder at him.


“No. That’s okay. I’ll probably be a while. I might stop by and see Pam too. I’ll just get something while I’m out. Don’t worry I won’t be too late.”


As she drove to the house, Quinn realized she should likely call first. Grandma wasn’t expecting her so it would probably be a good idea to let her know. Picking up the phone, she dialed. Helen said it was more than fine for her to stop by. Since she was so close, Quinn said they would talk after she got there and hung up.


When Helen answered the door, she immediately hugged Quinn. As they embraced Quinn couldn’t help noticing how weak Helen’s grasp was. She couldn’t believe this was the same person who always seemed so strong and active. It was hard to accept, but the evidence was there. Her grandma was getting older.


They sat down and talked for some time. Helen wanted to know all the details of what Quinn wanted her wedding to be like. As Quinn spoke, Helen just sat there and listened. She told Quinn if she needed anything, anything at all. Just let her know. She wanted this to be one of the most special days in her life. Quinn just smiled and said all she really needed was for her to be there at the wedding to share the day.


Quinn didn’t stay too long. She could see Helen was getting tired and they would be together most of the day tomorrow. Excusing herself, Quinn hugged Helen and left. After leaving, Quinn went to visit Pam for a little while and then returned home.


The next morning Daria, Quinn and Helen went to see the pastor. After checking the schedule, the day they wanted was not booked so he penciled them in. After doing so, he asked them to remain in contact as the date approached so everyone would be able to adjust as changes came up. After they left the church, all three went to see the florist to review some ideas then went home for lunch.


Since she was leaving the next day, Quinn and Daria spent the night discussing more plans. As the hours passed it became painfully obvious that booking the chapel was just the beginning. For every detail they resolved, there seemed to be two more that cropped up to fill the gap. Both looked at each other and wondered if they could really pull this off.


Quinn went back home and continued trying to sort out details. Over the next few weeks, things finally started coming together. Quinn’s calls to Daria were still coming several times a day but they were becoming fewer. Finally, the day approached when both Quinn and Brad came in so the families could meet.


Saturday, everybody was busy getting the house ready for the visit. Early in the afternoon, Quinn heard a car door slam. Rushing to the window, she saw Brad and his parents get out of the car. After greeting them, she led them into the kitchen.




“Yes Quinn?”


As Daria turned around she saw two people she didn’t recognize.


“Mom. This is Fred and Diane Martin. Brad’s parents.”


Extending her hand, Daria said, “Hi. It’s nice to finally meet both of you. Quinn has told me a great deal about you.”


Fred grinned.


“All good I hope.”


Daria nodded. “It was. You’ll have to pardon the fact that Stan isn’t here to say hello. He went to go get my mom. He should be back any time now.”


Diane looked at Daria and smiled.


“It’s no problem. I look forward to meeting them both. Now do you need any help?”


Shaking her head, Daria said, “No. Thank you but things are fine right now. You just sit down in the living room and I’ll be there in just a minute.” Pausing for a second, she asked. “Oh, by the way. Do either of you want some coffee? I just made a fresh pot.”


After everyone who wanted a cup got one, they all sat down. The conversation mainly centered on the wedding but a few bits and pieces about each other still managed to come out. As they spoke, Daria really began to like the Martins. They seemed very nice and had definitely accepted Quinn into their family.


Eventually Stan showed up with Helen. After helping her in, he and Helen started getting to know everyone. Excusing herself, Daria went into the kitchen to finish getting dinner ready. Diane stood up and went into the kitchen to see if she could be of assistance.




“Yes Diane?”


Diane got closer.


“I was wondering of you needed any help?”


Daria shook her head.


“No. It’s fine. I prepared everything ahead of time so there wouldn’t be that much to do once you got here.”


Smiling, Diane looked at Daria.


“Well I don’t mind helping out.”


“Thanks.” Daria sad. “But all I need to do is get something out of the oven and everything will be ready.”


Diane sat at the table.


“Well do you mind if I keep you company?”


Looking at the timer. Daria saw there were still a few minutes until she could take the dish out so she joined Diane at the table.


“Of course not.”


As the two sat there neither said anything for a few moments. Finally Diane spoke.


“Daria. I just wanted you to know how happy we are that Brad found Quinn. She’s a nice girl. She told me about what happened when she was young and I wanted to say you did a great job raising her. We’re proud to know she will soon be a part of our family as well.”


Daria was truly embarrassed. This was unexpected but Diane seemed sincere. All she could say was, “Thanks.”


Just then the timer buzzed. Standing up, she looked at Diane.


“Dinner’s ready. If you could go tell everyone, by the time they get here I’ll have everything on the table.”


Diane got up.


“Of course.” she said, and left the room.


Dinner went well. Everyone enjoyed each other’s company and complimented Daria on her cooking. After the meal everyone stayed around for a few more hours but eventually Fred and Diane had to leave. It was going to be a long ride home and they didn’t want to be too late getting back. After saying their goodbyes, they left. Soon after that, Stan took Helen home.


As they were in the kitchen cleaning up Quinn turned to look at Daria. “Mom?”


“Yes Quinn?”


“What did you think of the Martins?”


Taking the casserole dish out of the washer, Daria set it on the counter and reached for the lid.


“They’re nice.”


Quinn sat down at the table.


“I know they’re nice. I want to know if you like them.”


Daria gave her a quick smile and sat down next to her.


“You have nothing to fear. Both Stan and I like them. I know you will all get along just fine.”


Smiling back, Quinn took her mom’s hand.




Standing back up she looked at Quinn.


 “You’re welcome. Now would you take the garbage out?”


The next few weeks passed without incident. There were still several details to work out but things were under control. A few days before Quinn was to fly in again, Daria received a call. Picking up the receiver, she said, “Hello?”




“Hey Quinn.”


“Hey Mom.”


“So what detail needs ironing out now?”


“None Mom.”


“Then what’s the reason for this call?”


“I just wanted to let you know there will be a package arriving tomorrow morning. Please put it in a safe place.”


Daria raised an eyebrow.


“Is this what I think it is?”


“It is. Will you put it up when it arrives?”


“I will.”


“Thanks Mom. I’ll see you Friday morning.”


“Okay Bye.”


“Bye Mom.”


Sure enough, the next morning a courier showed up at the office with a large parcel. Daria signed for it and immediately went home and set it on Quinn’s bed. The next few days were agony for Daria as she walked by the room and saw the package just sitting there. Finally, Friday arrived. As Daria greeted Quinn, she whispered in her ear, “It’s here safe and sound.”


Quinn whispered back. “Thanks Mom.”


Later that evening Stan sat patiently in the living room. He was anxious to see Quinn but knew he would have to wait. Shortly, Daria came out of Quinn’s room. When Stan turned to look at her he couldn’t believe his eyes. Daria was almost in tears. Standing up he went over to her.


“Are you okay?”


Daria couldn’t talk. All she did was nod and gesture to Quinn’s room. Taking Daria’s hand, he walked toward the door. When he got to the entrance he turned and stuck his head inside. The moment he did he understood why Daria was speechless.


There stood Quinn in her wedding gown. As he stood there he tried to gather the right words. Finally, he said, “Oh Quinn. You’re more beautiful than ever.”


She just looked at him and smiled.


“Thank you.”


Suddenly, Daria let go of Stan and rushed into their bedroom. Stan excused himself and went to see what was wrong. When he got to the room he opened the door to see Daria sitting on the bed crying. Walking into the room, he looked at her.


“Daria? What’s wrong?”


She knew it was pointless to say everything was okay. Looking at him, she gestured for him to come over. After he sat next to her, she said, “It just sank in.”


Pulling her toward him he hugged her. “What just sank in?” he asked.


Daria pulled back so she could look him in the face.


“When I saw her in her dress I finally realized she’s no longer mine. Soon she’ll have a family of her own.”


Stan smiled.


“Is that what’s bothering you? Daria, you have nothing to worry about. She’ll always be your little girl, no matter how old she gets.”


Sniffing, Daria shook her head. “No it’s not like that. I love you more than you’ll ever know but Quinn is the greatest gift I’ve ever received. Now I have to let that gift go and let someone else enjoy it.”


Hugging her again, Stan said, “It was going to happen some day. I know it’s small comfort but she will be marrying someone who loves her very much. Maybe as much as you do.”


As she remained in his embrace, Daria said, “You’re right. I just never wanted to think it would happen.”


As he held her, Stan whispered in her ear. “Don’t worry. She will always have a part of you in her. You’re her mom and nothing will ever change that.”


Letting go, she looked at him. As they stared at each other she gave him a brief smile to let him know things would be fine. Standing up, she looked at him.


“I need to go help Quinn get out of the dress so it will be safe until the wedding.”


As she left the room she turned to look at him and smiled.


“I really do love you.”


The wedding date finally arrived. The week before had been chaos with all the last minute details to work out but by the morning of the ceremony everything was in reasonable shape. It seemed so different from what Quinn had originally envisioned but she was happier with what she had now. For the most part the ceremony was now just a few family and friends. Her party was small with just two bridesmaids and Pam as her maid of honor.


A few minutes before the ceremony, Stan stuck his head in the dressing room to see Quinn and Daria sitting next to each other. They were sharing one last moment before both their lives would change forever. As much as he hated doing it he interrupted them.




Turning to look at him she said, “Yes Stan?”


Smiling, he looked at her.


“It’s almost time. Are you ready?”


Quinn stood up. Slowly, Daria turned her around to check and make sure everything was in place. Facing Daria again, she reached over, hugged her, and gave her a quick kiss. Whispering in her ear, she said, “This is it. I love you Mom.”


Daria was too full of emotion to speak. Smiling at Quinn she left the room and let the usher seat her next to Helen who reached over and held her hand.


A minute later the music began. All the participants came down the aisle. Suddenly the fanfare began and everyone stood up as Stan escorted Quinn to her soon to be husband. When they reached the pastor, Stan kissed Quinn on the cheek, gave Brad her hand, and sat next to Daria.


The wedding was quickly over. As the reception came to an end, Brad and Quinn went out to the car to begin their life together. As was the tradition, the car was decorated beyond any sense of good taste. While Brad wiped the windshield so he could see to drive, Quinn hugged Daria one more time. This time as they hugged she whispered one more thing to her.


“Thanks for raising me Mom. You did everything right. I’ll always be yours”


After separating, Quinn gave her Mom one last look and got in the car.


As they drove off, Stan walked over and put his arm around Daria and asked, “How are you doing?”


Daria put her arm around him. Leaning her head on his shoulder, she said, “I’ll be okay.”


The End


As usual, Daria belongs to MTV. This was written for my own amusement.