Holding On and Letting Go


Daria rushed down the corridor. Stopping at the door, she paused just long enough to compose herself. Entering the room, she saw Stan sitting in the chair next to the bed.


As Daria walked toward him he stood up. When they met each looked into the others eyes. Neither had to say anything. Stan gently put his hand on Daria’s cheek and nodded. Daria reached up and held his hand for just a second before he left the room. After the door closed she walked over to the chair and sat down. Looking at Helen, she said, “I’m here Mom.”


Slowly Helen turned her head to look at her daughter. When she had Daria in good view she smiled and said, “Hi Sweetie. I’m glad you made it.”


Daria was amazed. While still very weak, this was the strongest her mom’s voice had been in a long time. As she sat there, Helen spoke again.


“So have you heard from Quinn?”


Daria nodded. “Yes. She wasn’t able to get a flight until this evening.”


Helen closed her eyes.


“That’s a pity. I really wanted to see her again.”


Daria nodded. “I know Mom.”


Helen slowly turned her hand toward Daria. As Daria took it, Helen spoke again.


“Sweetie, could you come closer.”


Leaning forward, Daria said, “Yes.”


Once Daria was in better view, Helen looked her daughter in the eyes and spoke.


“Daria. I just wanted you to know how proud I am of you.  All your life you had incredible obstacles but you always managed to get past them. I knew you were stronger than you thought you were but it was a wonderful experience seeing you grow and discover the truth for yourself.”


Daria smiled.


Helen continued. “When Quinn came to live with you, both of you weren’t sure if you had done the right thing but I knew you two were meant to be together. It was such a wonderful thing to see each of you growing together. While you didn’t have her you truly became her mother in every possible way. You raised her to be a beautiful and confident young woman. I couldn’t be any more proud of both of you. And I know your sister would be proud too.”


“Thank you.” was all Daria could say.


Helen smiled. “While I miss your sister and Jake, your support made the time after their loss easier. You were always a source of strength for me from the very first day I had you. I just wanted you to know how wonderful I know you are.”


Daria couldn’t say anything. She just sat there holding Helen’s hand and smiled.


The two looked at each other for a few minutes. Finally Helen spoke.


“I’m going to rest now. When you see Quinn tell her I love her and I’m sorry I missed seeing her.”


“I will Mom.”


Slowly Helen rolled her head back onto the pillow and closed her eyes. Suddenly Daria felt Helen tighten her grip and just as quickly release it. Daria carefully put her mom’s hand on the sheet and stood up.


Looking at Helen’s face, she noticed a strand of hair had fallen out of place. With her finger Daria gently pushed it back. She stood there for another second then slowly leaned over and kissed her mom on the cheek.


As a tear ran down her face, Daria reached for the phone and paged the nurse.


The End.


As usual, Daria belongs to MTV. This was written for my own amusement.