When Daria pulled up in the driveway she wondered whose car was parked behind Stan’s. Looking at the tag, she recognized the vehicle was from the same county where Brad’s family lived. Fearing something had happened. She rushed into the house. When she got inside she was very surprised to see Quinn and Brad sitting in the living room talking to Stan.


When Quinn saw her mom she stood up and went over to greet her. As they hugged, she said, “Hi Mom.”


Hugging back, Daria was curious about why they were there.


“Quinn. Is everything okay?”


Separating, the two walked into the living room and sat down. Quinn looked at Daria and smiled.


“Everything’s fine.”


“Then please forgive the next question.” Daria said. “ I’m happy, actually thrilled, to see you but what’s the reason for this surprise visit?”


Quinn adjusted herself in the chair so she was barely sitting on the edge of the cushion. She knew she was going to be standing up pretty quick so she wanted to be prepared.


“Oh, nothing major…Grandma.”


Daria just looked at her for a second. As the truth sank in, she could barely contain herself. Jumping up, she went over and hugged the now standing Quinn.


“Oh Quinn. This is wonderful.”


As they embraced, Quinn whispered in Daria’s ear, “It finally happened Mom.”


Smiling, Daria nodded slightly. She had been concerned. Brad and Quinn had been trying to have a child for over three years with no success. At first, Daria was afraid she had the same condition as her. While she wasn’t her natural daughter she still had the Morgendorffer genes. When tests showed there was nothing wrong with her or Brad no one could understand why they were childless. Now that worry was a thing of the past.


Sitting back down, Daria looked at Quinn.


“How long have you known?”


“We suspected for a few weeks and just found out for sure Tuesday. It was difficult not telling you then but we wanted everyone to know in person. So we waited until this weekend so we could fly in.”


Turning to look at Brad, Daria asked, “Do your parents know yet?”


Brad nodded.


“Yes. Because we got a better price on the tickets we flew into the airport there. We told them last night. I hope you aren’t upset they found out first.”


Shaking her head, Daria said, “Not at all. It doesn’t matter who you told first. What matters is that you two are finally going to have a child. So how did Fred and Diane take the news?”


“They’re as excited as you and Stan are.” Brad said. “In fact they were so thrilled they had us leave there early to let you know as soon as possible.”


“Well I’m glad they did. I’ll have to thank them the next time I see them.” Turning back to Quinn, Daria asked, “Have you told Grandma yet?”


As she shook her head, Quinn said, “No. We only got here a few minutes after Stan showed up. So we haven’t gone to see her yet.”


“Well she will definitely be happy to hear this. When are you going to tell her?”


“We thought we would go over there in a little while.” Stopping for a second, she asked, “So how’s she doing? Really.”


Daria took a deep breath and sighed.


“She’s doing okay. Since she got a private room, the nursing home has been okay for her. She’s still as sharp as ever and her strength has remained steady for a long time.”


“So how are you holding up?”


“Okay. It’s been a real change to my schedule but now going by to see her before I go to work and on the way home is just part of the routine.” Realizing how that sounded, Daria corrected herself, “I mean it’s not so much an obligation as it is a part of my life now.”


Quinn smiled. “It’s okay Mom.” she said. “I know what you meant. I hate seeing people abandon their families in a home as much as you. I’m happy that you and Stan see her that often and I know Grandma appreciates it as well.”


Suddenly Daria realized Stan had been silent this entire time. Turning to look at him ,she said, “You’ve been quiet though all this. Is something wrong?”


Stan shook his head.


“No I was just thinking.”


“About what?” Daria asked.


A wicked grin moved across Stan’s face.


“I was just thinking this will be the best Quinn Martin production since ‘The Fugitive’.”


Everybody winced at the lame joke. Daria looked him directly in the eyes.


“Stan. I love you but if you EVER say anything like that again, I swear I’ll file for divorce.”


Laughing, Stan said, “Yes maam.”


To get everyone back on his side, Stan suggested they all go out to dinner to celebrate. They could stop by the home and see Helen then go to the restaurant. Everybody agreed this was a good idea and, after a few trips to freshen up, they were all in the car and on the way to see Helen.


Helen was sitting in her chair reading when she looked up and saw Daria standing in the doorway.


“Oh hi Sweetie. This is a nice surprise. After you left I didn’t expect to see you until breakfast.”


Entering the room, Daria said, “Well I have a surprise for you that couldn’t wait until morning.”


Helen’s eyes lit up.


“What is it?”


Turning toward the door, Daria said, “Okay you can come in now.”


When Helen saw Quinn walk in, she couldn’t believe it. This was definitely something she didn’t expect.


“Sweetheart! This is a surprise. It’s so wonderful to see you.”


Quinn walked over and gave Helen a kiss. “It’s great to see you too Grandma.” she said. “Brad’s here too.”


It was then that Helen saw Stan and Brad standing off to the side. Both knew this was Quinn’s time so they stayed out of sight to let her and Helen share the moment.


“Hey Ms. Morgendorffer.” Brad said.


“Hi Brad.” Turning back to Quinn, Helen looked at her. “So what’s the reason for the surprise visit?”


Quinn sat on the bed so she could be eye to eye with her.


“Well we thought you would like to hear the news in person.”


Helen was confused. “What news?”


Smiling, Quinn reached out and took both of Helen’s hands. As she held them she couldn’t help noticing how frail they were. Realizing this wasn’t the time to think about that, she smiled and said, “The news that you are about to be a great grandma.”


This time it was her whole face that lit up. “Quinn! That’s wonderful. I’m so happy for you.” she said.


“Thanks Grandma.”


Still smiling, Helen looked at Quinn and said, “So tell me all the details.”


For the next several minutes Quinn told her everything she knew. Eventually, Helen asked if they had any idea about whether it was a boy or girl and if they had any names picked out yet. Quinn said they would know what it was in few weeks and did have a few ideas of what names they wanted but they weren’t going to tell anyone. They didn’t want to spoil the surprise. Helen smiled. She liked the fact they wanted to hold onto the mystery. It was something most people didn’t do anymore.


Everyone stayed for a while longer but left after noticing that Helen was looking tired. Quinn and Daria kissed Helen and said they would return to see her in the morning. Helen smiled and congratulated Quinn one more time. As they left the nursing home, Daria asked, “So Quinn. Have you told everyone now?”


Quinn shook her head. “No. I need to tell two more.”

Daria knew what she meant. “We’ll leave in the morning.” she said “After we see Mom.”


Nodding, Quinn said, “Okay.”


The next morning Daria and Quinn drove north. About an hour later they reached their destination. Getting out of the car, Quinn got the flowers off the back seat and walked toward the graves. As she did, Daria stayed next to the car. Turning to look at her, Quinn asked, “Aren’t you coming?”


Shaking her head, Daria said, “No. This is for you. I visited them last month when I brought the flowers you sent for Neil’s birthday. You need to see them alone.”


“Okay Mom.” Quinn turned and continued down the path. Daria stayed there and waited for her to return. A little over fifteen minutes later, Quinn came back. Daria noticed she had been crying. After getting in the car Daria reached into the console and handed Quinn a small package of tissues.


“So how are you?” she asked.


Quinn blew her nose. “I’ll be fine.” she said. “It’s just so tough each time I come here.”


Daria put her hand on Quinn’s shoulder and gave it a light squeeze.


“I know. I miss them every day.”


Driving home, neither said very much. Eventually Quinn spoke.


“Mom. Do you think the florist is still open?”


“If they aren’t we can find flowers somewhere. Why?”


“I want to see Grandpa too.”


“That would be nice.” Daria said.


Luckily, they managed to get back just before the shop closed and bought a small assortment. This time they both went to the grave. As they shared the moment they held each other tightly. After a few minutes they went back to the house.


When they got inside they saw Brad and Stan sitting in the living room watching a football game. Both men turned their attention away from the game to look at their wives. Stan was the first to speak.


“So how did the visit go?”


“Okay.” Daria said.


Since they had to fly back the next afternoon, Brad and Quinn left to get back to the Martins early that evening. As they got into the car Quinn hugged her mom one last time. As she did she whispered in Daria’s ear, “Mom. I want you to come out when it’s time. Okay?”


Daria whispered back.


“I will.”


As the months passed, Quinn sent pictures of her progress to both Daria and Stan. Each time she did, Daria printed them out to share with Helen. It was difficult to know which one was more excited at the thought of Quinn giving birth. Both Helen and Daria were anxious to know what their first (great) grandchild would be but Quinn kept her promise and said nothing.


Just like Quinn, Daria kept her promise too and three weeks before the due date she flew out to be with her daughter. As they drove back to their apartment, Quinn said, “Mom you really didn’t need to come out so soon. I’m not due for almost fourteen days.”


Turning her head to look at Quinn, Daria said, “Well it’s a Morgendorffer trait to deliver early. Your mother and I were both very early and you showed up well ahead of schedule too. I just wanted to be sure I was here when you needed me.”


“Well I’m still going to work this week.” Quinn said. “I hope you won’t mind being alone for a few days.”


“I’m sure I can find something to keep me occupied.” Daria said.


It turned out that Quinn didn’t follow the Morgendorffer tradition and actually was several days late. The three weeks had passed with no sign of the next generation and it was time for Daria to go home. She wanted to stay but had to return to work in two days. As she packed, she looked at the clock. In a few minutes she was going to have to go to the airport to get Brad’s mother. She was coming in to take up the watch. The airplane wasn’t due for another two hours but since Daria wasn’t too familiar with the city or the airport so she wanted to leave early enough to make sure she got there in time.


As she zipped up her case, Quinn came into the room. 


“Mom. Are you ready to go?”


Putting the case on the floor Daria said, “I’ll be leaving in a few minutes. I have the gate number where Diane will be coming in.”


“That’s not what I meant.” Quinn said.


Daria turned to look at Quinn. Suddenly realizing what she was referring to, Daria escorted Quinn through the house.


“Get in the car. I’ll drive. We’ll call Brad on the way there.”


When they got to the hospital, Quinn was immediately taken to the delivery room. A few minutes later Brad showed up and joined her. As she sat in the waiting area, Daria suddenly remembered Diane’s plane would be landing soon Borrowing a phone book, she called a taxi company and arranged for a driver to meet her and bring her straight to the hospital. 


After Diane showed up, she went over to Daria.


“So have you heard anything yet?”


Daria shook her head.


“Nothing major. Brad came out a few minutes ago to say she was still in labor but that’s about it.”


Diane smiled and said, “That’s not uncommon for a first child. When I had Brad’s sister I was in labor for over eight hours. I guess all we can do is wait.”


“Hopefully Quinn won’t be that long.” Daria said. “Let’s go have a seat.”


Both went into the waiting area and sat down. After they were comfortable, Diane looked at Daria.


“I just want to thank you for sending the taxi. It was nice of you to remember me.”


“No problem. I knew you would want to get here as quickly as possible.” Daria reached into her bag and offered Diane her phone. “Do you want to call Fred? I’ve already called Stan and my mom but I thought you would want to let him know yourself.”


“Thank you but I brought my phone. I’ll use it but let me repay you for the taxi.”


Daria shook her head.


“Don’t worry about the taxi. It’s my treat. I was supposed to pick you up so since I couldn’t leave here I’ll pay for the ride.”


“I appreciate that.” Diane said, then dialed the number and told Fred what was happening.   


As it turned out Quinn broke Diane’s record and didn’t deliver for close to ten hours. After both Grandmothers got a look their grandchild each called their husbands. When Stan answered, he barely had time to say hello.


“It’s a boy.”


“Pardon?” Stan said.


“Quinn had a little boy. Seven pounds, eight ounces and perfect in every way.”


Daria could hear Stan’s joy over the phone.


“So what’s his name?”


“That’s the best part.” Daria said. “You and Mom are going to be thrilled.”


That Thanksgiving Quinn and Brad spent the holiday with Daria and Stan. While Daria was in the kitchen preparing dinner she heard the car pull up. Brad excused himself and went outside to help Stan get Helen out of the car and into her chair. After they wheeled her into the living room she looked at them.


“Hi Ms. Morgendorffer. It’s nice to see you again.”


Helen looked at him and smiled. “It’s nice to see you too Brad. I understand we will have another guest for dinner.”


Everybody smiled. They knew who she really wanted to see.


“One moment.” Brad said, and disappeared down the hallway. A few seconds later, he and Quinn came out with a small bundle. When Quinn got to Helen she kissed her on the cheek.


“Hey Grandma. I want you to meet your great grandson.”


As Quinn gently placed the bundle in her arms, Helen looked at his face.


“Oh he’s beautiful.” Looking at him, Helen smiled. “So you’re Jacob Stanley Martin. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”


The End


As usual, Daria belongs to MTV. This was written for my own amusement.