Rest Stop


Quinn pulled up near the entrance and put the car in park. Sitting there working up her nerve, she felt bad making Lane drive his car home for Thanksgiving rather than sharing the ride with her but this trip she wanted to make alone.


Getting out of the car, she walked up to a window and peeked inside. It looked deserted. Perhaps she was there too early. The sign on the door was turned to closed after all.


Suddenly she noticed movement in the back. After several knocks on the door, a young woman greeted her.


“Sorry. We’re not open for another two hours.”


Quinn nodded. “I understand. I’m not here for that. Is a Sandi Stone here?”


The woman looked at Quinn. “Yes.”


“Can I see her?”


Shrugging, she said, “I guess. Come in.”


After going inside, Quinn stood next to the counter as the young lady turned and yelled.


“MOM! Someone wants to see you.”


Sandi came out of the back with an irritated look on her face.


“Samantha. How many times have I warned you about shouting.” Looking up, she saw Quinn standing there. She remembered the picture Daria showed her but she wasn’t prepared for what she really looked like. Turning to Samantha, she said, “Samantha, go in the back and help Edgar fill the creamers.”


Samantha said, “Yes maam.” and went into the kitchen.


After they were alone, Sandi just looked at Quinn as a lump grew in the back of her throat. Finally working up the nerve she swallowed, smiled and said, “Hello.”


Quinn returned her nervous smile with one of her own. “Hi.”


“You’re Quinn aren’t you?”


This took Quinn by complete surprise. “How did you know that!?”


“Daria showed me your picture.” Sandi said. “But even without a photo I would have known. You look just like her.”


This made Quinn very happy. “Thank you.”


“You’re welcome. So how can I help you?”


Quinn had worked on what she would say but for some reason couldn’t remember any of it. Taking a second, she collected her thoughts before continuing.


“Mom said you and my mother were friends in high school.”


Sandi nodded. “You could say that.”

Looking down at the floor, Quinn continued, “Well Mom doesn’t really talk about that time and I was wondering…”


As her words trailed off, Sandi had an idea of what Quinn was wanting. “You were wondering what?”


Looking up at Sandi, Quinn said, “I was wondering if you could tell me a little about her.”


Sandi gave Quinn a smile. “Of course.” Gesturing to a table, she said, “Sit down. Would you like some coffee?”


As she sat down Quinn nodded. Sandi went behind the counter and poured two cups. When she returned both took a second to fix their drink how they wanted. After Sandi finished, she put her spoon on a napkin and leaned back in her chair.


“So what would you like to know?”


The End


As usual, Daria Belongs to MTV. This was written for my own amusement.