Yes, Mr. Sloane


He sat in his chair and looked at the people in each of the two notebook computers sitting on his desk.


“Okay let’s make this fast I have something to do soon. Phillips, what have you got for me today?”


The man on the other end of the link spoke. “We have a request from a Taiwan brothel. They need two red heads and a brunette.”


Leaning back in the chair, he looked to the ceiling. “So what do we have?” he asked.


“The brunette is no problem. We have access to plenty of them but we only have one red head right now. She’s at your strip club outside Chicago. We might have to do a little digging to find the second one.”


“Well don’t let them or me down. Snatch another student of you have to but get them a natural red head this time. They pay too well. We don’t want to disappoint them again.”


“Yes sir.”


He leaned toward the screen. “Is there anything else?”


The man on the other end shook his head. “No sir, not at this time.”


“Very well. I expect a progress report in the morning.”


“Yes, Mr. Sloane.”


He pressed the button to disconnect the link. Pivoting in the chair, he turned his attention to the other computer. “So how is the auction going?”


The woman on the other end smiled. “Excellent sir. Two of the three babies have been sold. The last auction will end in an hour and the bidding has exceeded all expectations.”


Once more, he leaned back in his chair and smiled. “Very good. When the auction concludes funnel the money through the chain of east-coast adult book stores to my account in the Cayman Islands.”


“Yes sir.”


“Is that all the business for today?” he asked.


“Yes, Mr. Sloane.”


“Very well. Keep up the good work Debra.”


“Thank you sir.”


Pressing the button, he disconnected and shut down both systems. As he was putting them in the drawer there was a knock on his door.




The voice from the other side said, “Tom. Daria is here.”


Quickly putting everything away, he replied, “Okay Mom. I’ll be down in a second.”


“Fine. I’ll let her know.”




He walked over to the bed and pulled his sleeve over his hand. Reaching between the mattress the pulled out the pistol and stuck it in the pocket of his cargo pants. He just hoped he could get someone’s fingerprints on it tonight. Perhaps that idiot Kevin, he was dense enough to pick up a strange weapon and not realize what he was doing.


Leaving the room, he turned out the lights and went downstairs. Seeing Daria, he went over.


“Hi Daria. You ready to go?”


Daria nodded.




Looking at his mom, Tom said, “It's a school night so we’ll be home as soon as the movie ends.”


She smiled at her son.


“No problem. We trust you to do the right thing.”


The End.


As always, Daria belongs to MTV. This was written for my own amusement


A Note: This was written several months ago as a joke for a few people. I had seen several anti-Tom tirades that made me wonder why some people hated him so much. As a way of showing my attitude toward their behavior, I decided if they want Tom to be evil I’d make him VERY evil. To that extent I produced this short piece. Hopefully most of you got the joke here. Personally I’m shipper and Tom neutral but I did have fun writing this and hope you enjoyed it as well. Thank you for your time.