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This ficlet was a result of a PPMB “Iron Chef” challenge.


Richard Lobinske




Jane stepped inside from her run and let the cold air wash over her, "Sure is hot today".  As she walked to the kitchen, she noticed a familiar green jacket resting on the sofa arm.  “I didn't think she left her jacket here yesterday, maybe I should call her”.  Jane finished the trip to the kitchen, drank some water and called the Morgendorffers.

“Hi Helen, is Daria in?”

“Oh, well then, she's had plenty of time to get here, she must have gone up to my room, Trent probably let her in.  Thanks.  Bye”.


At the foot of the stairs, she noticed an extra set of black boots.  “That's odd, guess she must have gotten a little overheated on the walk over”.  At the top of the stairs, she spotted a mustard colored t-shirt on the floor.  “Okay, now something very weird is going on”.  She walked by Trent's room and stopped short after noticing the corner of a pleated black skirt sticking out under the door.  Faint noises could be heard from within.  Jane's mouth dropped open in shock and one hand went to her mouth as she stumbled backward.


“Ohhh, Oh God, they finally did it.”  She reached the opposite wall and slid down mouthing incoherent babble.


After about a minute the door to Trent's room flew open and Daria stood in the door, wearing a black t-shirt, blue jeans and socks.  A completely evil grin spread across her face.  Behind her, Jane could see Trent sitting at his desk, shoulders shaking in laughter watching the monitor on a laptop, which conspicuously showed a very shocked Jane sitting in the hall.  A tape player provided inappropriate sound effects.  Jane looked up and saw the small video camera mounted above the door and realization struck like a ton of scrap iron.


“A year and a half of putting up with your matchmaking.  I told you that payback would come, and it would be sweet.  Don't worry; I will make sure you have a copy of the video”.