The Games We Play

A Daria Fan Fiction by the Alchemist

Episode #507 - Quinn


DISCLAIMER Ė Daria and cast are wholly owned by MTV. I am merely borrowing them for the duration of this work. I try and have them back on time, but I make mistakes sometimes. What? You thought that it was MTVís fault that they cancel Daria showings at the last minute?


Darkness. Slowly, the darkness makes way to a pervasive pink color. As the picture clears, we can see that we are inside Quinnís room. Quinn is laying in the bed, sitting up slowly. As she sits up and turns on the lights, we can see that it is still dark outside. Silently, Quinn walks over to the mirror, studying her disheveled form in the mirror.

Quinn : (thought VO) Would anyone believe that THIS is what I look like in the morning? (Bt) How could they? (slight hint of sarcasm) Iím so popular and pretty that theyíd never believe it Ö


Quinn turns from the mirror and walks down the hall to the bathroom.


Fade to later that morning. Quinn enters her room dressed in a bathrobe. Walking over to her closet, she reaches in and removes a pair of jeans. Throwing these on her bed, she removes two identical-looking pink shirts and studies them for a while. Lifting the one in her right hand, she scrutinizes it closely.

Quinn : Hmmm Ö This one is just too red for today.


Quinn throws the shirt in her left hand onto the bed and turns to put the shirt back in the closet when she stops and looks out the window. Visible in the pale yellow glow of a sodium street lamp is a view of Lawndale, covered in new sparkling snow. As Quinn continues to watch, the sun slowly begins to edge above the horizon, bathing the entire landscape in a brilliant crimson glow. Slowly, as the sun rises, the crimson fades away, leaving a sparkling white landscape.

Quinn : Wow! That was, like, really beautiful Ö


Cut to the Morgendorffer kitchen. Helen is pouring a cup of coffee as Quinn enters the room.

Quinn : (thought VO) Whatís this big obsession with coffee? Itís, like, all bitter, bad for your complexion, and stains your clothing. I donít get it.

Helen : Quinn? Can I get you something?

Quinn : No thanks Mom. Iím fine.


Quinn walks over to the refrigerator, removing a grapefruit. Removing a bowl and a knife, she cuts the grapefruit in two, wrapping one half in foil and putting it back in the refrigerator. Picking up the bowl, Quinn removes a spoon from a nearby drawer and sits down at the table.

Helen : So is anything interesting happening at school today?

Quinn : (thought VO) Momís so predictable. Itís either school or dates. And now that Iím doing better in school, I get in trouble much less often Ö

Quinn : Oh, I donít know. Classes and stuff.

Helen : Which classes?

Quinn : Um, the same ones Iíve had all year?

Helen : And how are you doing in these classes?

Quinn : Fine.

Helen : I wonít be hearing from any of your teachers again, will I?

Quinn : (thought VO) And why would she trust me? Itís not like I gave her any reason Ö Oh, I guess I did. (Bt) But canít she see that Iíve changed?

Quinn : Thatís up to Daria.

Helen : (warning tone) Quinn Ö


As Daria enters the room, both Helen and Quinn stop their conversation and look at Daria. Walking over to the cabinet, Daria rummages around briefly, removing a box of fibre-Oís. Placing it on the table, she continues searching, finally removing a box of sugar flakes. Pouring it into a bowl, she takes a spoon and sits at the table. Still half asleep, Daria begins eating her cereal dry.

Quinn : (thought VO) She is just NOT a morning person. (Bt) Or an evening person eitherÖ

Helen : Sweetie? Would you like some milk for that?

Daria : (groggily) No thanks. But if you could postpone school a few hours, Iíd appreciate it.

Quinn : Itís such a beautiful day today. Did you see all the snow outside?

Daria : Great. Now I get to be cold and wet when I walk to school. My life is complete.

Quinn : Daria! Why canít you just appreciate the beauty of nature?

Daria : Quinn, did you just use the word beauty with reference to me?

Quinn : (thought VO) No, I used it for nature, not you.

Quinn : Of course not Daria. I would never do that!

Helen : Quinn! Youíre both very beautiful.

Quinn : (thought VO) Thatís not what I meant!

Quinn : But mo-om!

Helen : Quinn Ö


Placing her bowl on the counter, Daria gets up and heads out of the kitchen.

Daria : Not to disturb this warm family moment, but Iím gonna head off to school. Enjoy your quality time together.

Helen : Daria!

Quinn : Mom, Dariaís just crabby in the morning. Let her go.

Quinn : (thought VO) Let the teachers deal with her.

Helen : I donít see why she canít be more cheerful like her mother Ö

Quinn : Cheerful?

Quinn : (thought VO) Ohmigod! Did I say that out loud?

Helen : (dangerously) Quinn Ö

Quinn : Um, Iíve , uh, gotta get to class too. Iíll, um, see you later Ö


Quinn beats a hasty exit from the kitchen, briefly heading upstairs for her bag before heading off to school.


Fade to the Streets of Lawndale. Quinn is walking down the street as Joey and Jeffy come up alongside her.

Quinn : (thought VO) Ah, my lackeys have come once again.

Quinn : (sweetly) Oh hi Joey, Jeffy.

Joey : Hey Quinn. Can I carry your backpack?

Jeffy : Joey, itís my turn today!

Joey : Is not!

Jeffy : Is too!

Quinn : (thought VO) Mental age? Five.

Joey : Is not times a hundred.

Quinn : (thought VO) Make that three.

Quinn : (just before Joey and Jeffy come to blows) Um, guys? How about I carry my backpack today? You two can, um, make sure no one runs into me?

Joey : Um, Ok.

Jeffy : Iíll walk behind you.

Joey : But I wanted to walk behind her!

Quinn : (thought VO) Still, theyíre so sweet about it Ö


Cut to the hallways of Lawndale High. Quinn is walking down the hall with Stacy and Tiffany when they are approached by a girl from the fashion club.

Girl : Hey Quinn, I heard that thereís no meeting this Thursday?

Quinn : (thought VO) Perhaps when I announced it at the last meeting?

Quinn : Thatís correct. There are a lot of exams on Friday that you need to study for.

Girl : But why would I do that?

Quinn : (thought VO) I donít know. Maybe so youíll pass?

Quinn : We canít have people thinking that the fashion club is full of idiots, can we?

Girl : Why would they think that?

Quinn : (thought VO) Youíve never met Daria, have you?

Stacy : Because, like, the brains think that all this fashion stuff is, like, silly Ö

Tiffany : Yeah Ö why do they think that?

Quinn : Because they see us as shallow narcissists out only for ourselves.

Girl : Narcissists?

Quinn : We need to show them that you can be beautiful, fashionable, and smart too.

Girl : Why?

Quinn : Oh, never mind.


As the girl leaves, another girl comes up to Quinn.

Girl 2 : Is there a meeting this Thursday?

Quinn : (thought VO) Aaaarrrgh!



Cut to Mr. OíNeilís classroom. Quinn, Stacy, and Tiffany enter the room to see three seats at the front of the classroom, and papers taped up over the blackboard.

Stacy : Um, Quinn? Do you know whatís going on?

Quinn : Um, no. Did something happen this weekend?

Tiffany : Well, theyíre like, fixing the roof Ö

Stacy : Yeah, but like, why would Mr. OíNeil be acting weird?

Tiffany : But Ö Doesnít he always act weird?

Quinn : Yeah, but somethingís going on today.


Mr. OíNeil walks into the room carrying a few bundles of note cards. Placing all but one group in his desk, he addresses the class.

OíNeil : (gushing enthusiasm) Good Morning class. Today, we have a special treat for all of you! Can you guess what it is?

Stacy : Shopping at Cashmans?


The female members of the class begin to whisper amongst themselves as Mr. OíNeil looks disappointed.

OíNeil : Well, no. (Bt) We get to play Jeopardy! Ö Like the TV show? Ö Surely youíve seen it?


The class looks at Mr. OíNeil for a moment, and returns to their conversations. Frowning, Mr. OíNeil raises his voice slightly and addresses the class again.

OíNeil : Weíll be playing literary Jeopardy. Three of you at a time will be competing. Wonít that be exciting?

Quinn : (thought VO) Are you sure that Cashmans is out?


OíNeil : Ok, for our first team, Iíd like to choose Ö um Ö Jamie, Quinn, and Tiffany.

Quinn : (thought VO) Well, no real competition here Ö

OíNeil : If you three would care to come up to the front of the room, we can get started Ö


Quinn, Jamie, and Tiffany slowly make their way to the front of the classroom.

OíNeil : Who would like to start. Quinn? Would you please choose a category and an amount?

Quinn : (thinking) Umm Ö How about To Be or /Not To Be for, uh, 400?

OíNeil : Ok. This character was forever trying to wash the blood from her hands.

Quinn : (ringing in) Um, is that the Lady Macbeth?

OíNeil : Thatís very good Quinn. Would you like to choose again?

Quinn : Scandal and surprise for 200?

OíNeil : In the Scarlet Letter, the adultress was forced to wear this on her chest.

Tiffany : (ringing in) Um Ö the letter A?

OíNeil : (very surprised) Excellent Tiffany.

Quinn : (thought VO) Wait, TIFFANY?


Fade to the end of the first session. Quinn is in the lead with 800, Jamie a close second at 650, and Tiffany rounding out at 500.

OíNeil : Well, thatís all the time we have for the first round, but Iíd like to congratulate all of you on your knowledge . It makes me so happy to see such intelligent students realizing their inner potential Ö

Jamie : Um, can we go now?

OíNeil : Huh? Oh, yes Jamie. Itís time for the next group anyway.


As the three leave for their seats, Quinn walks alongside Tiffany, speaking to her in hushed tones.

Quinn : Um, Tiffany? How did you know those answers?

Tiffany : Um Ö answers?

Quinn : To the questions Mr. OíNeil asked Ö

Tiffany : Oh, those were Ö like Ö in the books.


Quinn moves to sit down, losing sight of Tiffany as she does so.

Tiffany : (VO Ė totally absent of her usual lethargy) Or maybe Iím not as dumb as you think Ö


Quinn looks up quickly, but Tiffany is sitting in her usual seat as if nothing is wrong.

Quinn : (thought VO) Did I really just hear that? (Bt) Or am I just going crazy?


Fade to the computer lab with Mr. DeMartino. Quinn, Stacy, and Tiffany have placed their bags at adjacent computers in a corner of the lab, and are talking amongst themselves.

Stacy : I canít believe that weíre playing computer games in history Ö

Tiffany : Yeah, thatís like, so geeky Ö And I heard Ö like Ö that working with, um, computers can like Ö give you wrinkles.

Stacy : Really? (panicked) Oh no!

Quinn : Relax Stacy. Itís only for two days.

Quinn : (thought VO) And Iíll bet that Mr. DeMartino spends most of the time belittling us anyway Ö

Sandi : (coming into view) But two days of geekdom would be terrible for anyone as popular as we are Ö

Quinn : (thought VO) And what exactly would you do about it?

Quinn : Oh, I donít know Sandi. Computers can actually be really helpful.

Sandi : Quinn, are you TRYING to become a loser or something?

Quinn : Sandi, do you know what the web is? (to her blank look) The Internet?

Sandi : Of course I do Quinn Ö

Quinn : Do you know what a website is?

Sandi : (warily) Yes Ö

Quinn : Well, did you know that Waif puts its fashion report on the Internet a week before the magazines are available?

Stacy : (excited) You mean that we can be a whole WEEK ahead of everyone else?

Quinn : (thought VO) Until they figure out that Internet thing as well Ö

Sandi : Crafty.


Mr. DeMartino enters the lab, appearing none too happy about the current situation.

DeMartino : (under breath) Damn Ms. Li and her silly conferences Ö (to class) Class, as you have NO DOUBT realized by now, we are going to be UTILIZING the schoolís COMPUTER LAB in order to FURTHER your EDUCATIONAL HORIZONS.


Mr. DeMartino stops for a moment to stifle a laugh.

DeMartino : We will be PLAYING a GAME that simulates the DEVELOPMENT of modern CIVILIZATION, if you can call it that, placing YOU STUDENTS in charge of an EMPIRE. (under breath) God help us all Ö


Mr. DeMartino stops to look around the classroom a moment before continuing.

DeMartino : We will be breaking into GROUPS of THREE, and each GROUP will compete BOTH with each other AND with the COMPUTER.

Stacy : (to Quinn) But how can we beat a computer?

Quinn : It canít be that hard Stacy, can it?

DeMartino : Iím dividing the CLASS as follows. Group One : Quinn, Sandi, and Joey. Group Two : Stacy, Tiffany, and Jamie. Group Three Ö

Jeffy : What if we donít like the groups?

DeMartino : Tough.


As the class breaks down into groups, Mr. DeMartino visits successive groups of students in turn, getting them started in their game. After a few minutes of visiting with all of the students, he sits back in a chair and begins to slowly massage his temples. Behind Quinn, Jeffy opens his bag and pulls out a can of Coke, popping it open to take a drink. Hearing the pop, Mr. DeMartino searches briefly before zeroing in on Jeffy.

DeMartino : (loudly) Jeffy!


Jeffy is surprised by Mr. DeMartino, turning in shock to face him. In doing so, he manages to spray his soda over Quinnís side.

Quinn : (loud, whiney) Jeffy!

Jeffy : (turning to Quinn) Sorry.

DeMartino : Young man, perhaps you missed the SIGN saying NO FOOD OR DRINKS on the door?

Jeffy : But thereís no alcohol in my soda!

Quinn : Mr. DeMartino, I need to go to the bathroom before this stains.

Joey : What are these little computer guys for again?

DeMartino : Aaargh! Why! Why me! (to Jeffy) I hope you become a teacher someday Ö

Quinn : Um, can I go?

DeMartino : (momentarily distracted) What? Oh, go ahead Quinn. Its not like any LEARNING is going to go on in here Ö


Quinn heads briskly for the door as Mr. DeMartino continues his rant against Jeffy.


Fade to the girlsí bathroom. The door opens slowly to reveal Quinn. As it does, we can hear echoing voices in the background.

Man 1 : Jesus! Why are we working in the snow?

Man 2 : Because Ms. Li wants this roof done before the superintendentís visit.

Man 1 : Well, she can just Ö

Man 2 : They can hear us down there, you know Ö

Quinn : (thought VO) Theyíre STILL working on the roof?


Quinn walks over to the sink, running the water until it is almost ice cold.

Female Voice : (softly) Do you hear something?


Quinn looks up and takes a quick look around, but notices nothing out of the ordinary. Reaching into her bag, she removes a large plastic cup and a cloth rag. She fills the cup and places it on the counter.

Quinn : (thought VO) Ok, cold water. Softly dab the spill.


Wetting the rag, Quinn proceeds to wash the spilled soda out of her shirt. The side of her shirt is darkened from the water when she finally wrings out the rag and replaces it in her bag.

Quinn : (thought VO) Ok, that should do it.

MaleVoice : Oh yeah Ö


Quinn turns around in shock, but sees only the door. Uncertain, she looks around carefully, when she notices a boot beneath one of the stalls. Looking discreetly, she sees a pair of female legs obviously kneeling on the floor.

Quinn : (thought VO) Ohmigod! Please tell me theyíre not Ö

Male Voice : Just like that baby Ö

Quinn : (thought VO) Ohmi Ö Eww Ö


Moving quickly but quietly, Quinn picks up her bag and moves to pour out the cup when a mischievous look appears on her face. Walking towards the door, she lifts the cup over the top of the stall and dumps it over.

Female Voice : (startled) Hey!

Male Voice : No! Donít stop now!


Quinn walks out of the bathroom, smiling slightly.


Cut to the hallway. Quinn is walking down the hall to return to the lab when Daria passes her. As she does, Quinn turns to face Daria.

Daria : Quinn? What are you doing here? (noticing that Quinnís shirt is wet) Wet T-shirt contest?

Quinn : Daria! I was using the bathroom Ö

Daria : Sure you were.

Quinn : If you must know, my shirt got dirty, and I needed to get it cleaned up before it stained Ö

Daria : What pure, selfless motivations.

Quinn : (probing) And what exactly are you doing here?

Daria : Iím going to the library Ö


As Daria continues to talk, Quinn notices the bathroom door open. A boy emerges, who, noticing Quinn and Daria, hurries out of sight. A short time later, a wet girl emerges, still drying herself off. Looking down the hall, she locks Quinn in an annoyed glare for a moment. Then, with a teasing attitude, her glare turns to a smile and she licks her lips seductively. Seeing this, Quinn recoils slightly and responds involuntarily.

Quinn : Thatís just disgusting!

Daria : You know Quinn, itís really not that bad. (teasing) Eventually, you even get to like it Ö

Quinn : (thought VO) Daria!?!


Dissolve to a bedroom scene. Tom is lying on the bed, apparently naked, although we can only see his bare chest. Daria is leaning over him, her bare back blocking any Ďinappropriateí views. Tomís hand moves on top of Dariaís head, gently pressing down, when Daria leans up to Tomís ear.

Daria : Hey baby, all you need to do is ask. (seductively) I like it Ö


As Daria slides slowly down Tomís chest and offscreen, tracing a line with her finger, the scene fades back to a horrified looking Quinn, who is looking at Daria with a strained expression.

Quinn : Ewwww! Dar Ö Ewww!


Acting as much on instinct as anything, Quinn quickly turns and walks away from a surprised Daria. After walking a bit, Quinn stops to lean against a wall and think for a moment.

Quinn : (thought VO) Would she really? I mean, sheís only been with Tom for Ö (realization) Wait. She didnít see the girl, did she? So she wouldnít Ö


Quinnís expression of disgust slowly changes to one of concern.

Quinn : Ok Quinn, calm down. Did you say anything to Daria? (thinking) No, I donít think so. Phew. That was closeÖ


Quinn begins to slowly walk back towards the computer lab.

Quinn : (thought VO) How could I even think that Daria would Ö (Bt) I mean, this is Daria!


Cut back to the computer lab. Quinn enters to see Jeffy sitting an unoccupied corner with a dunce hat on his head. Tiffany is looking at the computer screen intently, and Stacy is reading a magazine as Quinn makes her way to her seat.

Stacy : Hey Quinn! (looking at her shirt) Youíre all wet.

Quinn : I had to clean some things up in the bathroom.

Quinn : (thought VO) In more ways than one Ö

Stacy : Check this out! When you build the city thingies, you can, like, look at these neat pictures of the city. (clicking on something on her screen) See? Isnít that cool?

Quinn : You know, that IS neat Ö


Fade to the cafeteria. Quinn, Stacy, and Tiffany are sitting at the table eating salads and drinking diet sodas.

Stacy : So whatís with this whole game thing?

Quinn : Well, apparently, Ms. Li is trying to impress some big conference or something.

Tiffany : Sheís going to impress them Ö by playing games? I donít get it.

Stacy : Is it supposed to be funny or something?

Quinn : I donít know. I think itís, like, supposed to show that weíre different or something.

Stacy : So you understand?

Quinn : Not really. I mean, weíre not really learning anything Ö

Quinn : (thought VO) As if we did before.

Tiffany : Like, are we supposed to?

Quinn : Yes Tiffany, thatís why weíre here.

Tiffany : Then why are we playing games?


Quinn shakes her head at Tiffany as the scene fades out.


Fade in to Mrs. Bennettís classroom. As Quinn enters, searching for her friends, Mrs. Bennett hands Quinn a pile of play money and a selection of printed stock certificates.

Quinn : Whatís this?

Bennett : Itís for our educational game. Weíre going to be simulating the stock market. Iíll explain it all later if you would like to take a seat.

Quinn : (looking at a stock certificate, and realizing that it is a real certificate)

Bennett : Um, the real stock was cheaper than printing on our laser printerÖ

Quinn : Oh.


Quinn sits in her seat for a few moments until Stacy and Tiffany enter. As they are handed their packages, they sit down with a puzzled look on their face.

Stacy : Like, what are these for?

Tiffany : Itís not even real money Ö

Quinn : I think its for a game.

Tiffany : Oh yeah. That makes sense Ö

Bennett : Ok class? Now that most of you are here, Iíd like to announce todayís game. The rules are very simple. You have stock certificates with a worth posted on the blackboard. This worth will change over time. You also have money. At the end of tomorrowís class, you want to have as much money as possible. Any questions?

Stacy : Do the stock things count as money?

Bennett : At the end of tomorrows class, yes.

Quinn : Where do we buy stocks?

Bennett : Why, from each other, of course. Now go ahead, get started.


Quinn, Tiffany, and Stacy exchange glances.

Quinn : Are we supposed to do something?

Stacy : I think so Ö

Tiffany : But what?

Quinn : Maybe we should buy some stock?

Stacy : Who would we buy from?


As the girls discuss the situation, Joey and Jeffy walk up to Quinn.

Joey : You wanna buy some stock Quinn?

Jeffy : Hey, buy from me Quinn!

Quinn : Donít be silly boys, Iíll buy from both of you. Just give me a minute, Ok?

Joey : Iíll be right over here.

Jeffy : Iíll be closer.

Quinn : (thought VO) Maybe I should just record them in case they ever disappear. Now what was it that that cute guy said about investing? (thinking) Something about buy and hold Ö and long term investing?

Stacy : So, like, what should we do?

Quinn : I think thatís kind of the point of the game Stacy. Maybe she wants us to figure out how things work.

Stacy : Oh. But that sounds Ö hard.

Quinn : At least we get to talk in class Ö

Stacy : Hey, yeah!


As Stacy walks off to Ďinvestí in one of the cuter guys in the class, Quinn returns to Joey and Jeffy.

Quinn : Hey guys, can I buy some of your stock now?

Joey : Sure Quinn. Whatever you want.

Quinn : Well, um, how much do you want for it?

Jeffy : Oh Quinn, we canít let you pay Ö


Quinn smirks in delight as the scene fades out.


Fade in to a Fashion Club meeting in progress. The expanded new membership is seated opposite Quinn and the officers (Stacy, Tiffany, and Sandi) as Quinn addresses the group.

Quinn : And as a final note, there is no meeting this Thursday, so that you can all study for the big exams coming up on Friday. Now Sandi will address us as to the current status of the fashion show.


Quinn sits down in her seat, making way for Sandi to take center stage. Sandi shows little deference or respect for Quinn or the officers, directing her full force at the members in front of her.

Sandi : Ok, as you all know by now, Quinn was gracious enough to recognize my inherent leadership abilities by placing me in charge of organizing the fashion shows. I have divided the volunteers into groups to assist in the event. Your group can be found at the back of the minutes distributed earlier in the meeting.

A rustling is heard as the members turn to check their group assignments.

Girl : Can we change groups? My friend is in another group Ö

Sandi : No. If I let you change, then everyone will want to.

Girl : But Ö

Sandi : No exceptions. Now the first thing we need is to get the tables arranged. I am assigning this task to group 1.

Girl 2 : But weíll get all sweaty!

Girl 3 : Ewwww Ö

Sandi : Sacrifices must be made for the sake of fashion.

Quinn : (thought VO) And what are you doing Sandi?

Girl 2 : How are we supposed to shop when weíre all sticky and sweaty?

Quinn : (speaking up) Donít worry Brooke. Iíll help you guys move the tables, and Iíll get permission from Ms. Li to use the gym showers afterwards.

Brooke : Wow, thanks Quinn!


Sandi shoots Quinn a dirty look, but refuses to comment on the matter.

Sandi : Moving along Ö

Quinn : (thought VO) Quinn one, Sandi zero.


Cut to the Morgendorffer living room. Quinn is sitting on the couch, reading a book. Upon closer inspection, we can see a chapter title of her book Ė "Chapter XIX Ė How To Avoid Contempt and Hatred". As she turns the page, we can hear the sounds of someone coming down the stairs. Saving her place with her finger, Quinn turns to reveal Daria, dressed in a pair of black jeans and a maroon shirt.

Quinn : Daria? (looking at Daria) Wow! (slyly) Hot date?

Daria : Oh, about 310 degrees or so Ö

Quinn : (thought VO) 310 degrees. That would be Ö 37 degrees?

Quinn : Um, Kelvin, right?

Daria : (shaking head) Since when does my sister know something like that?

Quinn : Hey! (composing herself) Werenít you always trying to get me to think, read, and use my brain?

Daria : Um Ö

Quinn : So why do you keep putting me down whenever I actually know anything?

Daria : Quinn, Iím your sister. Iím supposed to tease you. Builds character.

Quinn : Now you sound like mom.

Daria : (faux angry) You take that back!

Quinn : (bemused) Hey, Iím supposed to tease you. Iím your sister Ö


Daria regards Quinn with an amused expression.

Daria : Turnabout is fair play, unless itís being done to you.

Quinn : Do unto others as you would have others do unto you?

Daria : (heading over to the closet) But do unto others first Ö


Daria opens the closet, removing her blue coat. As she puts it on, she pushes the closet door shut with her boot.

Quinn : Hey, have a good time on your date tonight.

Daria : Um, thanks Quinn.


As Daria heads out the door for her date, Quinn watches her with an interested expression.

Quinn : Iím the one staying home while Daria goes on a date? Weird.


Cut to Quinnís room. Quinn is laying on her bed, reading through a history textbook and taking notes.

Quinn : (thought VO) Why does Mr. DeMartino have to make every test so hard? Itís not like he could fail any MORE of his students, and I could do something more productive than memorizing German generals from World War Two.


As Quinn continues to read, Jake knocks on Quinnís open door.

Jake : Quinn?

Quinn : Oh, hey daddy!

Jake : Um, whereís Daria?

Quinn : Dariaís on a date dad.

Jake : Oh. Well, your mother has some thing tonight that Iím going to, so, um, hereís a credit card for dinner.

Quinn : What?

Jake : You need to eat dinner, donít you?

Quinn : Um, yes?

Jake : And you need to pay for food. Unless you have a date?

Quinn : No date dad. Iíll be fine.


Jake looks at Quinn with a touch of fatherly concern, and drops the credit card on her dresser and turns to leave the room.

Jake : Have a nice night sweetie.

Quinn : Thanks dad.

Quinn : (thought VO, as Jake leaves the room) He left me a credit card? Willingly?


Quinn walks over to her dresser, looking down to see a gold card lying on top.

Quinn : Wow! A gold card! Hmmm Ö if I leave right now, I could get to Cashmans before it closes Ö


Quinn briefly moves to grab her shoes, but stops before she gets there.

Quinn : (thought VO) But if I DIDNíT use the card Ö then maybe mom would raise my allowance Ö she seems to like that whole responsibility thing recently Ö


Quinn sits back down on her bed slowly.

Quinn : (thought VO) But Cashmans is soo tempting. (Bt) No Quinn, must resist. Be strong Quinn.


Cut to the kitchen, later than night. Quinn walks into the kitchen and opens the refrigerator. Searching, we see her remove a head of lettuce and a tomato from the refrigerator and place them on the table. Turning back to the refrigerator, she removes a diet soda and closes the door. Placing the soda next to the tomato and lettuce, Quinn turns back to the kitchen and squats down, removing something from the lower drawer. Reaching up to remove a plate, Quinn proceeds to open the oven. As she turns towards the table, we see Quinnís plate with a single, small cheeseburger sitting on a bun, top off.

Quinn : Why canít I crave something like salad or rice cakes? Cheeseburgers are like, so fattening.


Quinn slices the tomato, placing two slices on top of the cheeseburger and topping it off with a slice of lettuce. With a slight degree of trepidation, she takes a bite.

Quinn : Fattening, but unfortunately delicious too.

Quinn : (thought VO) Please donít let Daria come in now. Iíd never hear the end of it. (in a Quinn-imitation of Dariaís voice) Why Quinn, how can you eat all that fat? Arenít you afraid itíll go straight to your brain? Not that youíd notice Ö

Quinn : Well, to hell with her.


Quinn finishes her dinner without interruption. When sheís done, she washes her plate and puts it back in the cupboard before heading upstairs.



Interior of Quinnís room. Quinn is soundly asleep when Helen barges in the room. Quinn slowly sits up, not yet fully awake.

Quinn : (thought VO) Mom? Wha? Not another fire?

Quinn : Mom? Wha Ö The credit cardís on the kitchen table. I didnít use it.

Helen : Quinn, do you know where Daria is?

Quinn : (thought VO) How the hell would I know? I donít keep track of her.

Quinn : In her room?

Helen : No, sheís not?

Quinn : Then I donít know. Maybe sheís at Tomís?

Helen : She never came back from her date?

Quinn : I donít think so. (Bt) Can I go back to bed now? Iím really tired Ö

Helen : Fine Quinn. Sorry to wake you.


As Helen leaves, Quinn looks on with an expression of slight interest.

Quinn : (thought VO) Dariaís not back yet from Tomís? I wonder Ö nah. She wouldnít.


A tired Quinn rolls over and quickly falls back asleep.


Cut to the next day, in the halls of Lawndale high. Quinn, Stacy, and Tiffany are walking down the hallway when theyíre approached by a girl from the Fashion Club.

Girl : Quinn, are you really going to help us move the tables?

Quinn : I said I would, didnít I?

Girl : Well, yes. But, um, I wouldnít have volunteered for it. Itís so Ö beneath us.

Stacy : It is?

Quinn : Well, the tables need to be moved, donít they? (the girl nods) And nobody really wants to do it, do they? (the girl shakes her head) And which group is Sandi in?

Girl : Um, sheís the manager Ö

Quinn : Typical. Look, I wouldnít ask you to do something that I wouldnít do. Itís just not fair.

Girl : Um, Ok.

Quinn : Besides, if Iím there, people arenít likely not to show up Ö

Girl : Um, thanks Ö


The girl walks off, still slightly confused over the whole matter. As she does, Tiffany turns to Quinn.

Tiffany : So, like Ö why do you want to get all sweaty?

Quinn : Like I said Tiffany, I donít. But I have to.

Tiffany : Why?

Stacy : Yeah, why? I donít get it.

Quinn : Because I donít want them to hate me for making them do all the dirty work.

Stacy : Wow Quinn! Youíre so smart! Where did you learn all this stuff?

Quinn : Oh, somewhere. I donít remember Ö


Cut to the computer lab. The students are in the same positions they were in last class, except that Jeffy is no longer in the corner. Quinn and Stacy are looking between each otherís screens, comparing their cities.

Stacy : Wow, thatís like, huge Quinn. And look at all those neat things. What are they?

Quinn : (pointing to a picture on the screen) I think most of these are wonders Ö They look really cool.


Quinn exits from her current city view to select another, when Stacy looks at her empire in surprise.

Stacy : Youíre doing, like, really well Ö

Quinn : Um, maybe Ö

Stacy : Whereís Sandi?

Quinn : I, um, annihilated her. (to Stacyís look) She annoyed me.

Stacy : Um, Ok Ö


Suddenly, music is heard from Tiffanyís machine. Quinn and Stacy turn to look at Tiffany, and are surprised to see a space-like picture on the screen.

Quinn : Um, Tiffany? What happened?

Tiffany : Like, I think my spaceship just landed or something Ö

Stacy : You won?

Tiffany : (thinking about it) Yeah Ö like, maybe I did. Is that good?

Quinn : It means you pass the assignment, maybe even get an ĎAí

Tiffany : Oh Ö Ok.


Cut to Mrs. Bennettís classroom, near the end of the game. Quinn and Stacy appear to be doing very little in comparison with the rest of the class, who are almost constantly trading their stocks. Tiffany, however, seems to be acting strangely, staring at the blackboard for a few minutes, then moving to purchase stocks from the other students.

Bennett : Ok class, thatís the end of the game. Itís time for you to count your net worth. Just add up the value of all of your stocks and cash, and thatís your net worth.


The students all return to their desks and begin counting their stocks and cash.

Stacy : Um, one hundred fifty thousand, I think. Is that good?

Quinn : I think so. I have about two hundred, um, thirteen thousand. Tiffany? How did you do?

Tiffany : Um, five hundred thirty?

Quinn : Dollars?

Tiffany : No Ö thousand.

Quinn : How did you get so much?

Tiffany : Well, if you look at the board, you can figure out what the next few numbers should be Ö

Quinn : Tiffany? Did you know what the numbers were before they were posted?

Tiffany : Only some of them Ö didnít you?

Stacy : Um, no. We didnít.

Tiffany : Oh Ö


Morgendorffer residence, living room. Quinn is sitting on the couch, reading a fashion magazine.

Quinn : (thought VO) Stacy was supposed to be here by now Ö


As Quinn continues to look through the magazine, we can hear the front door opening in the background. Closing again, the creak of the stairs is heard as someone begins to walk upstairs.


Quinn : (turning to see Daria) Daria?


Daria turns on the stairs, looking down at Quinn in the living room.

Daria : Yes Quinn?

Quinn : (thought VO) Iíve got to get this story Ö

Quinn : How was your date last night?

Daria : Um, it went pretty well Ö

Quinn : I heard that you got in pretty late Ö

Daria : And how would you know?

Quinn : Mom woke me to find out where you were.

Daria : Oh. Sorry about that.

Quinn : So, did Mom go ballistic?

Daria : Actually, she took it pretty well, considering Ö

Quinn : Considering what? (curious) What were you and Tom doing?

Daria : Nothing Ö

Quinn : Did you sleep with him? (seeing Daria blush) You DID? Oh my God!

Quinn : (thought VO) You mean Daria Ö my sister Daria Ö and Tom Ö

Daria : Quinn, we slept together only in the literal sense of the word. We fell asleep on the couch while watching a movie.

Quinn : And thatís it?

Daria : Thatís the whole sordid story Quinn.

Quinn : (thought VO) I should have known Ö

Quinn : And you told Mom THAT? (Daria nods) Wow, youíre brave.

Daria : I have nothing to hide Quinn Ö

Quinn : Then why did you move your diary?

Daria : And how would you know that?

Quinn : (thought VO) Busted.

Quinn : Um, uh Ö

Daria : (smirking) Good night Quinn.

Quinn : (as Daria leaves) Well, that was Ö interesting. Now whereís Stacy?


As Quinn returns to her magazine, the doorbell rings. Quinn answers to reveal Stacy standing nervously at the front door.

Quinn : Stacy?

Stacy : (worried) Iím sorry Iím late. My mother like, wanted to talk to me about something Ö

Quinn : (reassuring) Itís Ok Stacy. Are we ready to go now?

Stacy : (glad to be changing the subject) Ready! I just LOVE Cashmans!


Fade to the interior of Cashmans. Quinn and Stacy are standing by a rack of womenís clothing, examining potential outfits. Stacy lifts a shirt, black with a diagonal red stripe across the front, and addresses Quinn.

Stacy : So, what do you think?

Quinn : (studying the shirt) I donít think itís really you Stacy Ö

Stacy : It isnít? Why not. (panicking) Am I getting fat?

Quinn : (putting her hand on Stacyís shoulder) Stacy Ö Stacy!

Stacy : What? (Bt) Oh, sorry.

Quinn : I just donít think that it matches, well, your personality Ö

Stacy : Huh?

Quinn : It just doesnít seem like you. Itís just too Ö forward.

Stacy : Forward?

Quinn : (thought VO) Now how do I say this tactfully Ö

Quinn : Um, you tend to, uh, defer to other peopleís judgment Ö

Stacy : But then Ö by asking you Ö wouldnít that make it a, um, impossible to ask you?

Quinn : Huh?

Stacy : Like, if I ask you, then Iím, uh, deferring to you, so it wouldnít be me?

Quinn : (thought VO) Stacy dear, I think itís a bit too late for something that small to make a difference.

Quinn : Thatís not quite what I meant Stacy Ö

Stacy : (assertively) Well, Iím going to get it anyway. (concerned) Is that Ok?


Cut to the Morgendorffer Residence. Quinn is entering the front door when she spots Helen in the kitchen. Walking over, she enters the kitchen and addresses Helen.

Quinn : Mom?

Helen : Oh Quinn! Youíre back from Cashmans? (confused) I donít see any bags Ö

Quinn : Um, Iím kind of short on money right now Ö

Quinn : (thought VO) Ok, look sad, look sweet, look sincere. Can I fake that?

Helen : And you came for a credit card?

Quinn : (thought VO) Time for the big sell Ö

Quinn : Actually, I wanted to ask for a larger allowance Ö

Helen : A larger allowance? Why?

Quinn : Um, because then itís my money Iím spending and not yours?

Quinn : (thought VO) Did she buy it?

Helen : Well Ö I suppose you HAVE been doing better in school Ö I guess we can try it, contingent on continued scholastic performance, of course.

Quinn : Thanks mom!

Quinn : (thought VO) Yes!

Helen : Um, Quinn? Why didnít you take the credit card last night? I know Jake left you a gold card Ö

Quinn : (thought VO) You donít know how close I really came, do you?

Quinn : Well, dad said it was for dinner. I didnít want to get in trouble Ö

Quinn : (thought VO) Not that it ever stopped me before.

Helen : Why sweetie, Iím so proud of you!

Quinn : Um, thanks mom.

Quinn : (thought VO) Ok, must escape before guilt kicks in.


Quinn heads out of the kitchen with a purposeful but disguised stride.


Cut to Quinnís room. Quinn is looking out her window, dressed for bed. She looks up at the stars for a moment before heading over to her bed and fluffing her pillow. Checking her alarm clock, she pulls back the sheets and climbs into bed. She rolls over, her hair draping across her face as she slowly fades off to sleep.


Fade out and roll credits.