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D.T. Dey

Announcer: What extraordinary measures are antique truck collectors using to protect their prize possessions from neighborhood gawkers? Drive your Chevy to the Levy, your Econoline in a mine, and your G.M.C. up a tree, next on Sick, Sad World.
Collector: Actually, that's a '59 Chevy Apache up thar.


Squirrel Hillbillies? Rodent Rednecks next on Sick Sad World

Ben Breeck

Cars don't grow on trees, or do they? We expose Detroit's latest way to deal with the UAW when Sick, Sad World returns!

Guy Payne

It's been thirty years since he started kicking the tires, but when you're going to be cruising the backroads of Fangorn you can't afford a _hasty_ choice! Auto shopping Ents! Next, on Sick, Sad World!

Napalm Krigbaum

When high life men really get off the ground, on the next Sick, Sad World!

Napalm Krigbaum

When driving while on drugs REALLY gets you off the ground! On the next Sick, Sad World!


He dreamed of the LoveBug but couldn't quite chitty Bang it. when pontiacs fly, Next on Sick Sad World


Are there big magnets in the sky? Next on sick sad world

Wouter Jaegers

Tonight on sick, sad world Rapper eminem shows that he can put his word where his mouth is. 'When I'm doing bush I hit the trees harder than Sonny Bono. (Oh Noooo!)'

Jill Palmer

When the bouncing green goo goes bad, it *really* turns rotten. Festering Flubber, NEXT on Sick, Sad World!

Erik Paulson

Bored, rural teenagers and the space program on the next Sick, Sad World.

Erik Paulson

Moonshine as jet fuel? A powerful alternative on the next Sick, Sad World.