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Bill Gates opens his new country... MICROSOFT! Next on Sicker Sad World


Antichrist Gates asks, will you join the Microsoft new world order or be deleted? (we are tracking you!!!).... Hackers of the world unite to save the universe!!!


Misguided geeks unite to overthrow the world with subliminal messages in mind numbing bloat-ware. The conspiracy to kill Lynx and subjugate the masses continues.


What are they really putting in your every day colas, and where are they getting it? Next, on Sick Sad World.


Bill Gates, then the ghost of Adolf Hitler, who will be next? Saddam Hussein? Michael Jackson? The answer will be next on Sick Sad World.


What goes on in a geek's mind.


Just when you thought Saddam was going to take over, here comes Communist Windows next on Sick Sad World.


What happens when a geek takes control of the world? Microsoft Communism NEXT on Sick, Sad, World!

Brandon League

A vote for Bill Gates is a vote for Dolphin Safe Fascism!

Brandon League

Bill Gates! With teeth THAT shiny, he must be a natural born leader!

Brandon League

Bill Gates! Obey his word as you would the word of Clod.

Brandon League

Look Ma! No Conscience!

Candy Medina

Computer builders turning into the new Nazi party? Next on Sick Sad World!

Cassie Clarke

Is Bill Gates trying to take over the world with Computer Hypnotics or and is he an alien or is his father just Hitler find out next on Sick Sad World.

Chad Dugan

Could Bill Gates be attempting to take over the world through your computer screen? The Computer geek gone bad. Tonight On Sick, Sad World.


Gate's new program turns computers into people to take over the world, next on Sick, Sad, World.

Debbi Andrews

Bill Gates forms his own race of humanoid geeks that have taken over Silicon Valley..and next THE WORLD. Uber MICROBOTS NEXT on Sick Sad World!


Bill Gates takes over Germany underground revolution next


Bill Gates plans to take over Germany and his secret followers planning an underground revolution. Bill Gates cult next on sick sad world


Bill Gates leading a secret underground revolution? His cults plans to take over Dacula, Georgia. Plus what does Shakira have to do with all this next on sick sad world


Are computer programmers trying to than take over more than your computer? Microsoft mayhem, next on Sick Sad World!

Francis Xavier Cross

Fuhrer up some hotcakes, Gates is in town. Dweeb-led cults and the women who join, on Sick, Sad World!


Is a Nazi takeover just one click away? When corporate giants meet Hitler followers next on Sick, Sad World!


Is Bill Gates taking the domination of Windows to the next level? Heil Microsoft! Next on Sick Sad World!


Is Bill Gates gathering an army of his own Nazis to fight against Mac users worldwide? Details tonight on Sick, Sad World!


Is Bill Gates a genetic superman bent on world domination? I was Hitlerís genetic love child! On the next SICK SAD WORLD!!!


Did Bill Gates really retire from management to work on product quality, or was it to train for a very hostile takeover? Windows (TM) to the world, NEXT on Sick, Sad World!


...we have just been informed of a change in our management. Welcome Bill Gates, our new and invincible leader. Let us sing his praises when Sick Sad World returns.


'Microsoft Works'...the oxymoron thatís taking over the world! Next on Sick, Sad World.

John Pera

Having trouble making your miracle happen? Just can't get out of that dead-end job? Tired of living paycheck to pay check?

Jordan Riedl

Nerdy Nazism next on SICK, SAD WORLD

Katie C.

Bill Gates is amassing an army of computer nerds and has plans for world wide web domination. Next on Sick, Sad World


The nerd revolution. Dorks united. Is your house at risk?


Bill Gates corrupting your computer. Gates to heck opened? Next on Sick Sad World!


Bill has always wanted to take over the world. Now he can! Computer geeks gone Nazi next on Sick Sad World.


You thought Hitler was bad? Wait until you see him Bill Gates? Gas chambers and Microsoft next on Sick, Sad World.

Laura Jo

Is Bill Gates leading the next German war?

LeighAnne Does

Computer Nazis live among us! These megalomaniacs hide behind simple facades. They live in our homes and go to our schools. They even eat our pizza! They could be your neighbor, your best friend, your parents, or they could even be YOU! In this Sick Sad World exclusive, we'll show you how to identify these invaders. Its Double-click domination, next on Sick Sad World!


Is this Microsoft founder the third anti-Christ? The Gates of Hell next of Sick Sad World.

Michael Unger

Have you ever wondered what those computer nerds were doing in there? Next on Sick Sad World!

Mike Quinn

What happens when the world's richest billionaire needs his own army to take over the world? A cluster of cloying clones, NEXT on Sick Sad World!

Napalm Krigbaum

Is this an advertisement for the new Windows N-ZI or something far more sinister? Find out on the next Sick, Sad World! Or visit us on the web at!


Bill Gates to brainwash youth of America by waving some dinky flags with subliminal messages in the digital colors telling us to buy his computers and dress dorky? You decide! Next on Sick Sad World!


When the Third Reich crosses with Windows XP, what will become of the world with the two biggest dictatorial monstrosities taking it over? Will the Blue Screen of Death end it all? Next on Sick Sad World!

Rebecca Kim

He's been in your home, in your children's rooms through his computer inventions. Could this be the first step in privacy intrusion, with the next being world domination? Find out next on sick, sad world.

Renee Carr

Brain washing silicone valley nazis living on your hard drive. Logging off your mind when you log on your computer. Next on Sick, Sad World.


Is Microsoft our true God? Find out on Sick Sad World

Sara Gray

First It was Bin Laden now it's Bill Gates trying to destroy the U.S.A with his cheap computers find out next on sick sad world.


Bill Gates leads havoc, destruction, and craziness, as usual, next on Sick, Sad World.


Mac users in concentration camps? Brainwashing programs in Windows? The Fourth Reich, brought to you by Bill Gates... NEXT on Sick, Sad World!


...When computer nazis spread their viruses, NEXT! On Sick Sad World.

Stephanie Grant

What Happens when Microsoft Rebels and microchip war starts? Micro-mini anti-Mac next on Sick Sad World!

Steven Galloway

Micro*soft*? We don't think so! Bill opens the Gates, and rams his 'hard' technology down our throats, whether we like it or not, next on Sick, Sad World!


Heil Windows! Spies in your software, hardware and underwear. An exclusive interview with the author of Mein Comp, Fuhrer Gates, when Sick Sad World returns.


Is there really hidden propaganda in your computer background? Next on Sick, Sad World!

Vanessa Kuipers

A religious group...or a fanatic army? Holy wars in cyber-space! Next on Sick Sad World.


o/` Springtime for Bill Gates and Microsoft! Winter for Linux and Mac! o/`