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They're cute, they wear green uniforms, and they force their unexpectig victims to down hundreds of cheaply-made cookies while they pinch your's the return of the 80-year-old midget grandmothers!


When girl scouts don't just put chocolate chunks in their cookies, but chopped up Madagascar cockroaches...NEXT on SICK, SAD WORLD.

Ashlie Gudmundsen

Are you the Girl Scout prostitute i ordered?


girlscout cloning goes horribly wrong


so what is in those cookies. are girl guides maturing to fast.

Brandon League

Hey sonny, where's Mrs. Johannsen? My hip replacement's not gonna pay for itself, ya know.


When people don't have jobs, it's sad. That's why some resort to this. Jobless Resortion, next on Sick, Sad World!

Cody Johnson

Are cookie girls giving you cookies made of mashed mosquito larvae?mmm, mmm, mosquito, next on Sick Sad World


Gangs of elderly robbers dressed as Girl Scouts. Next! On Sick Sad WOrld!


Are girlscout cookies sucking up your youth? Find out on sick Sad world


evil old women with biscuits, next on sick sad world!


What do the National Brady Bunch Society and Girlscout Cookies have in common? They're both trying to make it a Brady world.. by brain-washing the youth of today... details next... on Sick Sad World!


Beware when you awnser your door because it may be ....Granny Girl Scouts!!!!


Little old ladies trying to be young again...Or just going on a killing spree!?! Crazy Killing Girl scout Grannies

Ken Robinson

Are cannibals allowed to be girl scouts? Mmm, Girl Scout cookies, made from REAL Girl Scout... next, on Sick, Sad World!


A new way to discover your inner child or something far more sinister. Girl Scout Grannies, next on Sick Sad World.


Some side effects may occur... the terrible truth about Girl Scout Cookies next on Sick, Sad World!

Martin Sylvester

When her troop leader told her not to return 'til she'd sold every cookie, she took it seriously. That was in 1946! The go-getting geriatric girl scout, next on Sick Sad World!


Sweet, cookie toting girlscouts or Geriatric serial killers? Next on Sick, Sad World.


They told me I could stop selling cookies when I sold a million.

Nathan Perry

Are old midget girl scouts selling over prised cookies......or are they selling shrinking shourt bread, Scouts with a tall chip on their shoulder NEXT ON SICK SAD WORLD!!


Scouting for dough..... Girlish Grannies, NEXT on Sick, Sad World!!!


She looks sweet and innocent, but is really a wanted killer... Psycho Nanna's... Next on Sick, Sad World


Hi sir, i need to sell these cookies to pay for my boob job!


I'm too sexy for my dress, too sexy for my dress, so sexy, it hurts.


Forget the cookies grandma, where's the beef?


I'll show you my raisins, if you show me your nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


An evil ruler hipnotizing little old ladies to steal girl scout cookies!An interview with president Bush next on Sick Sad World!


What ever happened when selling cookies was for little girls?Next on sick sad world!


Has selling girl scout cookies gone too far?Next on Sick Sad World!


Ding Dong. Who's there? Poisonous cookies?!? Just what does make those girl scout cookies so special? Sickening scouts Next on Sick Sad World!


Girl scouts who charge you for cookies they eat. Coming up next on Sick, Sad World!