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She just went for a dye job and facial but found herself many more years from dying. The facial of youth, next on SSW!

Alberto Sanchez

Does Mariah Carey's voice really cause brain damage in young children? The damaging diva debate next on SICK, SAD WORLD.

Alberto V.S.

Hair implants... for CHILDREN? The Balding Baby Blues NEXt on Sick, Sad World!


Next, on Sick Sad World...Parents milking babies? The new generation of breastfeeding has arrived at five...

Alexis Torrez

Hair accessories that fight back NEXT ON SICK, SAD WORLD.


A new hair curler? A brain drain machine? Or is it a new way for children to get plastic surgery? Mary-Kate & Ashley explain their new product next on Sick Sad World!


Have you newly discovered that your 4 year old is retarded? Well there's a new invention to suck out the retardedness. Tonight on Sick, Sad World

Ben Minett

The horror of hair extensions NEXT on Sick, Sad World!

Bronya .R.

She climbed the Christmas tree one too many times. Tree lights with a grudge next on sick sad world

Bronya .R.

Santa gave her brains, and we took it away, Brain dead babies NEXT on sick sad world!!


Being a brain is trendy! Artificial brain stimulation next on sick sad world!


She gave him herpes, he gave her a baby...The love child of Frankenstein, Tonight! On Sick Sad World

Corey Treadway

Crack? Weed? And now Electricity addicts? Nuking your nervous system on the next sick sad world!


The Fashion Club recruits its new members at a younger and younger age every year.


We always wondered what Tiffany's problem was. Now we know.


From Test Tube Babies to Lab Grown Ladies, Next On Sick, Sad, World findout.

Gildas Lefort

Can your child be virtually sexually abused? Artificial rapists, next on Sick Sad World!

Grosspoint blank

Young Womens Hair care, Or Goverment mind control.... Next on sick sad world.


Their child didn't wanna eat anything. They have found the solution. The intra-brainal feeding, next on Sick Sad World!


Your child has got lice? You can scare ALL AMERICA! Micro monsters magnified a thousand times so that you can see their messes, next on Sick Sad World!


You can't get blood from a turnip but some scientists now believe you can get milk from a human head. Got Sick Sad World?


When beauty regiments go too far. Beautification or electrocution? Up NEXT on Sick, Sad World!


Does YOUR child have awesome psychic powers? We show you how to find out and how to make a buck off it on the next Sick, Sad World!


Next time on Sick, Sad World! Can home schooling go too far? Professor Takeshima, inventor of the Mentation Acceleration Device, doesn't think so!


A little girls parents hook her up to brain washing chords to see into her thoughts, brain wash her, and shrink it when process is over.

Mashawn S.

A little girls parents hook her up to a bunch of chords and shock her whenever she does something bad

Mashawn s.

A 88 year old woman is hooked up to chords to make her look 6 years on sick,sad world.

Mashawn S.

The little girl is being tested to see if her brain will fry with in 10 minutes....Next on sick,sad world

Napalm Krigbaum

But will she produce Shakespeare? When Sick, Sad World continues!

Napalm Krigbaum

Can your child's brain power be converted into electrical power? Behold, the child sweatshops of the future on the next Sick, Sad World!


A child that grew udders on her head. And has to be milked by this electric milking machine daily. ...NEXT on Sick, Sad, World!

Rox. F.

They told her she was too young, but did she listen? Is this the new trend in Hollywood? Bald babies with hair plugs next on sick, sad world.


Next on Sick Sad World...We witness a little girl on her journey to explosion.

Steven Galloway

When Shirley Temple wannabees go too far! Next on Sick, Sad World!